Vaccination: How it works and prevents from diseases


According to the best child specialist in Noida, vaccinating your kids on time helps in protecting them from harmful diseases. A vaccination contains a dose of vaccine which is a medicine that prepares the immunity system to fights against the life-threating diseases. Whenever the foreign invaders like virus or bacteria trespasses or tries to enter the body, the immune cells respond by producing antibodies. These antibodies are made up of protein molecules which fight against foreign invaders known as antigens. According to the best child specialist in Noida a healthy body can produce millions of antibodies in a day, which efficiently fight against the infectious diseases in a manner that the body is always protected and never exposed to any antigens.

Vaccines mimic as disease agents that stimulate the immune system to build a defense and fighting against them. The best pediatrician in Noida explains that when any new invader (virus or bacteria) enters the body for the first time, it can take a good amount of time for the body to produce antibodies in response. And, various nasty invaders like cough bacteria or measles virus take more time to stay inside the body. The best pediatrician in Noida further added that the infection, if allowed to stay for a longer time, can kill the person before the immune system starts its mechanism to fight back. And, this is where vaccines come in as a shield to protect the body from potential antigens.

The best pediatrician in Noida explains that vaccines are made up of weak or dead antigens that cannot infect the body but the immune system detects and sees them as enemies. The immune system then produces antibodies in response. And, after the risk is passed, the antibodies breakdown and the immune memory cells remain in the body. So, when such antigen tries to infect the body, the memory cell now remember which antibodies to produce to strike down the invader before it gets too late.

The best child specialist in Noida further describes that vaccines make the immune system ready for a particular disease by making it fight against the weakened or dead antigens. This response of the immunity system is slow as it experiences it for the first time for a particular disease. This is known as the primary response to pathogens. And, next time when the pathogens attack the body in full strength, the immune system is now prepared to fight back. And, this time very quickly. The defense mechanism happens faster, creating more antibodies and memory cells to fight back. This response is called a secondary response to pathogens.

The best pediatrician in Noida motives parents to vaccinate their child on time. There is nothing more important than your child’s wellness. All babies, including the ones who spend time in NICU, need vaccinations. Even the low weight and premature babies follow the same vaccination schedule. The vaccination for most of the babies starts within 24 hours of the birth, unless if the baby is under special care. If the baby isn’t stable or with a very less weight, the doctor may advise to delay the vaccination. But, in this, it is important to be in the regular touch with the best child specialist in Noida. For any query related to the type of vaccination and dosage, reach the nearby child specialist or the best pediatrician in Noida if you reside in Noida.