Why do Best Martial Advice Come from Divorced People?


No matter how paradoxically, some of the best marriage advice can be obtained from divorced people. It seems weird and sure in your head is something of the sort: “After someone has failed, what can he teach me …” But you will be surprised how much you can learn from divorced people because they already know what they did wrong and will never do it again. If you are interested in couples counseling in Toronto you are at the right place.

So trust the people who know best what works in marriage and whatnot. You do not have to repeat their mistakes to arrive at their conclusions. And do not forget that one learns mostly from his failures, so do not think about it and keep in mind the next few marital tips:

1. Know and love yourself.

This is one of the main recommendations you have to do if you want a healthy and successful marriage. If you yourself do not love yourself, you will never be able to love another person completely. You will always be dissatisfied with something, and indeed the root of it will be rooted somewhere deep within you.

2. Communicate carefully.

After you say something, you cannot put your words back as much as you want. Your words have come to the man and have hurt him. So, pick carefully what you say and avoid confrontations when you are very angry. Find a way to argue moderately with your spouse and do not forget to listen to each other. As a married couple you need to be able to discuss all important issues without getting into sharp conflicts.

3. Be the best friends of your mate.

While the honeymoon and the warm-up period of the honeymoon do not last forever, friendship is able to resist over time. That’s why it’s important to create a real friendship with your mate and not just accept it as a lover. Chemistry is important, but the most stable marriages are built on friendship.

4. Do not forget about the little things.

Who would not have enjoyed a surprising romantic dinner or “I love you” after a hard day? In the long run, small things matter as much as big things – so do not overlook them. Do not forget to show your feelings to each other even in the simplest way.

5. Do not stop having sex.

Various studies show that the secret to a long and happy marriage is sex. So, do not let yourself stop intimacy with your spouse. It is quite normal, if this happens, either or both to seek sex elsewhere. A few marriages manage to overcome infidelity, without great disturbances or without complete disintegration.

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