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Make Recovering Data Easier With EaseUS Data Recovery Software


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Data has been an extremely important asset to every organization. Data is used to run all sort of operations in a firm. The whole system or services created by a company is comprised up of various form of data. In order to safeguard this data, various backup measures need to be implemented.

Data can be safeguarded by making use of data recovery software. These type of software allow the user to recover their important files and folders. Today, there are a number of data recovery software available in the market. One of these is the EaseUS Data recovery software, which is an easy-to-use and simplistic software. It boasts of an interactive interface and simplified tools. The software is compatible with a number of secondary devices, including MP3 players, flash drives, mobile phones, pen drive etc.

The software can help you recover all sorts of files, including music, video, compressed, documents etc. It can allow data recovery from a number of unexpected situations, including hard disk crash, hard drive failure, system crash, OS failure, partition loss, virus attacks etc.

The data recovery software recovers the data to its original location. The software can be downloaded from the official website of the company. The software comes in four different packages, namely Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical packages. These packages feature different features and advantages over one another. The free package serves as a trial of the software, as it allows for 2 GB worth of data recovery. The other three packages are premium, and allow for unlimited data recovery options and additional technical support.

Scanning Mode & Recovery

The data recovery software make use of data remnants, which are left behind by lost files. By searching these remnants, the software is able to recover the original files. In order to do so, an automated process is used, which includes of two scan modes, namely Quick Scan mode and Deep scan mode.

The quick scan mode is the faster scan mode, which is aimed at delivering quick results. It sweeps over the memory in order to find all recently deleted files. Once it searches the memory, it brings back all the results in a few minutes. These can be recovered now or later, depending upon the user. Once it retrieves the results, the second mode is initiated. The second mode is named Deep Scan mode, and it is an advanced mode, which allows the software to go even deeper into the memory. It even locates system, inaccessible and hidden files. However, it takes more time due to a wider search area.

As all the results are displayed, the user can choose to recover them one at a time, or multiple files at once. The results can be sorted or filtered or even previewed before recovering them. In the new version, audio and video files can also be previewed before being recovered, and the quality of the recovered files has been substantially improved.


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