What Part Does Data Science Play in Defence?


Data science as entered every cell of the body of global businesses. The competition around the world is such that it is somewhat foolish not to use data science and analytics. Well, everyone, or at least, most of them know this. Since the emergence of big data and data science as crucial apparatus to improve business and customer experience the field of these technologies have expanded. Now, it is so vast that you can hardly see the end. Initially the whole phenomena of big data and data science were essentially related to the commercial needs of web based businesses. That is to say that analysing consumer behaviour to improve products and service was the primary focus. Not that this concern has completely been dissolved, it is in there. But the horizon has expanded and more interesting things have come into play. Try defence and counter terrorism for instance; sound good?

MQ-9 Reaper is a drone that silently orbits in the night sky, somewhere over Syria. It is controlled from seven thousand miles away. The 36 feet drone can record 5000 hours of high definition footage and the imaging system can stream up to a million terabytes of data. This is an instance where #bigdata is actually playing a big part in monitoring a terrorist cell. Such instances could be found in abundance around the world had most of the missions not been completely secret. Most technologically equipped defence mechanisms rely heavily on data science. They maintain a world-wide network of informative units and also access the feeds of various public and private data sources. It is quite obvious that they pull off some heavy data analytics tricks on a regular basis and they also need to make sure that the data base is impenetrable.

Algorithms are continuously being developed to equip the counter terrorism units in all level headed nations. They are trying to recognise patterns in suicide bombing, anticipate the logistic problems faced by terrorist activists, recognise targets and identify sensitive locations.

The Indian defence system has lately come to use data science algorithms to good effect. They use real time route optimization for military vehicles. Predictive analysis is used for logistic efficiency. The military intelligence mechanism depends greatly on big data for insights into various matters. Threats are anticipated and targets are identified with the help of data science. Effective Data science training in Bangalore gives you a heads up if you ever want to get into the data analytics cells of Indian Defence. Bangalore being the hub of data science training and research in India provides you with the best opportunities. Apart from the defence mechanism data science is used in multiple important bodies like digital security, police administration, finance and politics. The applications are ever expanding and the opportunities are ever increasing.