LG G7 blessed with everything what u need in a smartphone


LG is going to launch its next G series Android smartphone, the LG G7, and it is more likely to be released in January 2018 in Barcelona. The bendable display of this upcoming champ is stunning, having a screen size of 5.8 inches. Moreover, the Non-removal Li-Ion 4000mAh battery is awesome, highly durable and powerful.

G6 display supports up to 10 simultaneous touches. This is more than should be enough, as the adherents of using a smartphone with two hands, and avid gamers. Quick Settings are traditional for the Android top drop-down menu. Here are collected the most popular settings, according to the manufacturer that could fit on two pages. As for the full list of settings, they are G6 arranged thematically and are divided into four main sections: the network, the sound, and notifications, display, and general. This organization of settings allows you to find the desired function intuitively and easily, without wondering where to find a particular switch. The upcoming beast LG G7 will be powered by the latest operating system Android 8.0 help in running the smartphone more smoothly and making it more efficient.

In addition to the standard Google applications G6 can also be found as a signature program from LG, and other applications. For example, an office suite, file manager, music player, notes, fitness tracker, radio player, voice recorder and other utility software from LG. The 4K voice quality of G7 would be highly impressive excluding all the unnecessary frequencies giving out noise-free calls – audio and video.

Other caring features in LG G6; to configure event notifications, applications, and other operations, the manufacturer also provided the appropriate functionality. This allows you to fine-tune what events or applications should bother to warn or inform you, and what – no. Turning to the settings screen, I would like to start with virtual buttons on the bottom of the display panel. Never before their set was not as easy as it is implemented in LG G6. Just drag and drop the desired icon button, and “voila”: now you can have on the bottom edge of the display and the new location of the functional buttons. Gone are the days when the left-handed or right-handed had to get used to at one time or another smartphone. Here you will be provided with all the facilities to configure the location of the control buttons. In order to allow applications to be scaled correctly on non-standard Screen Aspect Ratio 18: 9 in the G6 also present a separate item on the scale settings. Rumors suggest that the aspect ratio of 18:9 will remain the same in LG G7 as well.

 Change the screen size, the grid and the number of icons on a specific area for smart phones is nothing new. And in the G6, of course, this functionality is. But for the fans do not strain your eyes with cold white color in the G6 delivered settings for the display switch to a comfortable warm mode. It is highly expected that LG will gain the highest rank in benchmark among LG G6(2113) and Galaxy S8 (3080) due to its utmost brilliant features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor and Adreno 630 GPU.

Info Source: LGG7D.com