15 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Translation Service For Your Business


In your search for a company that offers translation services for your business, you might feel a little lost. Here are 15 mistakes to avoid while choosing a translation service for your business.

Number One

Fail to hire a company that has experience. Make sure that the company that you are hiring have years of experience in translation.There are number of people and companies that are doing the translation, but you need to hire the one that has experience translating Spanish.

Number Two

Fail to check references. The worst thing you can do is fail to check the references of the people that you will be hiring. Many times a simple check on their references will show their credibility, reliability and if they have worked as translators previously.

Number Three

Placing an order with a translation company that doesn’t have any examples to show. Any Spanish professional translation service worth it’s weight in gold will have examples to show their work.

Number Four

Forget to ask about revision prior to translation. Every project is going to need to be reviewed for errors prior to translation. Make sure that the company you hire includes that.

Number Five

Do not forget to include references in the order. If the translation doesn’t have the right piece for translation, then they will not have what they need. This only applies if they don’t have the file to translate directly.

Number Six

Don’t forget to ask if they can handle the file format. The company should be able to provide their services in the file format provided by you.

Number Seven

Don’t make the mistake of not asking about the translator’s style. Every translator has its own style that differs from one to another. You need to make sure the style of the translator you choose agrees with your piece.

Number Eight

Make sure that you have proper communication with your translation company. That way, if something comes up, then you can contact them and have the issue fixed.

Number Nine

Also make sure to ask about grammar. Many Bosnian Translators can translate perfectly, but the translated piece may have such bad grammar that Google won’t index it at all.

Number Ten

Make sure that they also check the documents for any copied material. They must run it through Copyscape or a similar quality originality program.

Number Eleven

It seems redundant, but remember to ask for them to run the spellchecker. Those misspellings can keep a site from indexing properly in Google and even negatively affect your brand.

Number Twelve

Don’t forget that translation can involve changes to a sentence. This is due to the differences between Spanish and other languages. Don’t judge the translator because they are doing their job but look into its work to analyze the differences.

Number Thirteen

Don’t forget to ask about payment. Some translation companies expect the money upfront and might prevent you from being able to get a refund if you don’t like the work of the translator.

Number Fourteen

Be sure to ask about timeframes for work. The last thing you want is to hire a company that takes forever to get the work translated.

Number Fifteen

Make sure that the professional translation service will continue to offer their services for future work without any hiccups.

So, the next time you choose a translation service for your business, make sure to avoid all the above mentioned mistakes to get better results.