Mount Merapi Adventures: Experiencing the Greatness of Merapi

Mount Merapi Adventures

These days, working environment become more stressful due to the high pressure for perfection. To ease your mind and body after tons of workloads, going on vacation can be a great option. If you are into adventurous trip, having Mount Merapi tours during weekend can be a good short escape. In this article, we will give brief explanations about activities you can do at Mount Merapi.

The following list will describe several interesting activities around Mount Merapi. Those are:

  • Trying WedangGedang: near Kinahrejo Village, the eastern area of Kaliurang, there is a traditional drink that is very popular among tourists, both domestic and international. This drink called WedangGedang or literally translated as Banana Drink. Just like its name, its main ingredient is chopped banana. The warm sauce served together with the banana is made from variety of herbs, for example brown sugar, pandan leaves, ginger, and cinnamon. It is usually available in stalls around the village.
  • Visiting Mount Merapi Museum: situated in Donoharjo Village, Sleman, Yougyakarta, this museum was established in October 2009. The museum is equipped with large parking areas and a beautiful garden. This museum is also commonly known with its motto Merapi volcano, Merapi Earth Window. This destination trip is suitable for those who wish to learn more about the great Mount Merapi. It provides knowledge about the origin of the volcano and the history of eruptions. This educational trip will enlighten you about the greatness of the nature.
  • Visiting Japanese Cave: this cave is the silent witness of the settlement of Japanese colonial in 1942 to 1945 in Indonesia. This cave does not offer the beauty of stalagmite and stalactite that commonly exist inside a cave. In fact, this cave consists of 25 simple, shallow dark holes, which line up with in the wall. By this fact alone, we all know that the cave is not a natural product of nature. This cave was created by romusha people (groups of native) under the command of Japanese colonial as storage for weaponries and a protection from allied forces during the Second World War. This spot is surely a good destination to learn about Indonesian history.
  • Lava Tour: this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mount Merapi. By riding a jeep, you will be able to enjoy the rush of adrenaline forMount Merapi adventures. The driver will bring you to the remains from Mount Merapi eruptions in 2010 through the steep slopes and rocky roads. During rainy season, it will become more exciting due to the slippery road. But do not worry, all the drivers are professional off-road drivers and will ensure your safety during the trip. It is usually takes around 2 to 3 hours per packages.

Those are some of the things that you can do around Mount Merapi. A day may be not enough to explore everything, but for those who only have limited time to visit Mount Merapi, the activities listed above should be enough to experience the greatness of the Mountain.