What is the Syndrome of a Good Girl?

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If you think that you are doing everything right, and in the end, after all, you still end up being disappointed, it is the time that you change your bad habits today. A fusion Events wedding planner will help you identify your bad habits and try to change them.
Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of a good girl who has everything – energy, sexuality, a desire in a relationship to actually be left in the end because she is too good and has put too much into her relationship?

If this sounds very familiar to you, let us Fusion Events wedding planner introduce you to the “good girl” syndrome, which is actually just not good, because the result is the same – the single status.

If you notice the following behaviors, you definitely fall into this group, and you need to change your attitude in time if you do not always want to be left alone.

The word “no” is simply not in your vocabulary.

Especially when talking to your partner, you are ready to do everything to sacrifice your plans, desires, just to be always at hand and available.

You almost always agree with his opinion, because you think that you will be less attractive to him if you bring your own opinion or disagree with him. Or you fear that you will start fighting if you disagree with him which will end in a breakup.

You constantly find the justification for his terrible behavior

He is just not in the mood; he had a hard day at work, a difficult year… a bad time! You always have a list of things that justify his bad behavior. You are always the one who treats him right, does everything he asks for and when you ask for one simple thing, for example, a massage, he says that he is too tired and you just believe him. Do you think that is fair? Do you think that shows that he is interested in you or that he cares about you?

You do everything to make him happy

You hope that he will give it back to the same measure and appreciate your sacrifice, therefore, you try to make him happy in every way. You always put yourself in a different place because you think he will appreciate you more. You even give your savings to buy him things and he doesn’t even say thank you or show appreciation and even tells others that he bought it by himself.

You never say anything, even though there is a list of things that are bothering you because you hope to make it appreciate that you are doing your best to make your relationship successful.

A good girl’s syndrome may be appealing to a small number of men, but most of them, at least those who are worthy of mention, love women who can fight for themselves. This group of girls who agree with everything they say that very quickly they become boring to them.