Why Need a Lawyer for Claim Your Right for the Property?


Property settlement law can sometimes be considered to be a part of family law as it generally deals with wide range of issues of settling properties among a family home, distribution of the property properly among the business partners, companies and trusts, the invested properties etc. Property settlement law grants you to seek what is yours.

When a property is stated to be divided equally, it is to be noted that the property should be equally divided not a percentage more for someone’s benefit. property settlement lawyers Perth have been helping people to settle their property without much fuss and huge attorney charges. Property settlement law hardly results in imprisonment; it generally ends up in compensation or penalties. Property Settlement Lawyers Perth see to it that the settlement has been done with satisfaction from both the parties.

  1. Both the spouse can come to an agreement and initiate their agreement in the court
  2. One of them can come to an agreement and file their initiation against the other for proper claim
  3. Both cannot come to an agreement and submit different claims to the court


  1. Suppose you have decided to get separated from your spouse with proper accusations. It just cannot come random, because improper or false accusations may lead you into trouble resulting to huge penalties. After you have been divided it is necessary to come to a settlement with the spouse regarding the division of property.
  2. Property includes all the assets and investments in the name of your spouse, or children, or you or in the name of the company over the years. According to the settlement laws married couple are given a time of a year to settle the matter themselves before the court interferes whereas de facto couples are given a time span of 2 years. But how do you know that the property is rightfully divided? Are you sure that you are getting what is yours? It is better to consult a property settlement lawyer to perform everything under the supervision of law so as to no allegations can come forward in the mere future.
  3. There are also some considerations that the court takes into action that you should be aware of. One is the custody of the child. The spouse having the custody of the child should be liable to get a higher percentage share of the company in order to take care of the children. Obviously they will be put into supervision as to whether they are properly investing their assets on children or not. The court sometimes takes into consideration about the health problems of the spouse also. Suppose if you are not able to work regularly and is dependent. In this case also you are liable to take a higher percentage.
  1. If you have been involved in a partnership firm under certain terms and conditions and decided to move on once the tenure is finished. The property and assets of the company are liable to be equally divided among all the partners depending on their shared percentage at that position. For example, if you had started the company on a 70-30 share against you and pulled yourself up to 49-51, then you are liable to get 51 percent of the total company’s asset.

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