Tourist Attractions to Visit in the Beautiful City Of Nagpur

Nagpur orange

Famously called as the Orange city, Nagpur is situated in the state of Maharashtra. The city is always oozing with energy as Nagpur is a craze amongst the youngsters for its scenic beauty and various forts to trek. An ancient city, civilisation in Nagpur dates back to Eighth century BC. From lakes to forts and various magnificent hills the city has various attractions for people who love nature and history. Just board a Bhopal to Nagpur train and get ready to explore nature at its prime. Here are some of the tourist attractions you must visit while in Nagpur.

  1. Seminary Hill: This might just be the perfect start for you while coming to Nagpur as the view from the top is magnificent and you will be stunned by the beauty of the city. A top tourist destination, the hill got its name from St. Charles Seminary. Apart from the view, also checkout the Japanese Garden and the Satpura Botanical garden that are situated around the hill. A trek during the monsoons might just be the perfect option for all the nature lovers as the view becomes even more exotic.


  1. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary: Also located on the Satpura Mountain Range, the sanctuary is divided into two parts namely new Nagzira and old Nagzira with both of them housing beautifully varied wildlife. Go on safari ride from Pitezari gate which will take you on a ride of the both new and old Nagzira sanctuary. Here you can find various animals like hyena, sambar, leopard, langur and over 160 species of birds like crested serpent eagle, woodpecker, jungle fowl and fish eagle.
  1. Markanda: A history lover’s paradise, it is said that the town was named after Markandeya guru as it lays in ruins on the banks of River Wainganga. In past the area had 24 temples out of which only 4 exist in good conditions. The temples are also mentioned the Hindu epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, which highlights the historical importance of the temples. While there you will also find beautiful paintings and sculptures of ancient times which are just awe-inspiring.
  1. Sitabuldi Fort: A witness to various ferocious battles and savage killings, the fort lies on the two hillocks which makes it an ideal trekking location. Although the fort was attacked by the Appa Sahib’s forces it was the britisher’s who came on top and turned the structure into a brooding fort. The fort also has a unique place in history of Nagpur as it was here that the grandson of Tipu Sultan, Nawab Kadar Ali was hanged along with his eight aides.
  1. Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple: A visit to Dragon royal residence Buddhist Temple, which is likewise called as the ‘Lotus Temple of Nagpur’, would be an extraordinary well of knowledge for the individuals who have a sharp eye for design. Covering a sprawling 10 acres, the sanctuary draws you. The sanctuary was constructed by Mother Noriko Ogawa Society, Japan and introduced in 1999. The icon of Buddha in the sanctuary is thought to be cut off a solitary sandalwood piece.

Not only these you can also visit various other places in Nagpur which are equally awesome. Use the Indian railway reservation website to book your Bhopal to Nagpur train and travel to have a fun time with your family or friends.