Starting early with middle school maths


Middle school is the most crucial period in the life of any student. It puts forth the basis for their futuristic studies as well as for their career. Usually, students, teachers, and even guardians are not as particular about the emphasis of middle school as that of higher classes. This is a blunder if put into practice which ultimately makes the student suffer. Here are some of the factors that a teacher and a student should take into consideration while preparing for the middle school:

  • Course content: Syllabus plays a vital role in the initiating the process of study. It is an important aspect of preparation for both teachers as well as for the students. Till elementary school students are not bound to follow a particular syllabus, in most of the schools it varies upon the teachers to prescribe a syllabus but as when a student enters the middle school, scores of schools start following NCERT syllabus that is predefined. Students have to be cautious about the marks weight of every chapter. Even the teachers should focus more on scoring chapters.ncert-solutions
  • Basics: No doubt the most solid stone in the foundation of any structure is the lowest one. Basics are the no lesser than solid stone. Middle school mathematics basics are the bases for the entire higher level mathematics. Even the teachers should pay more attention towards basics while giving lectures, any recklessness towards basics can cause a serious damage to the students, if his or her basics do not get clear, he will not be able to learn mathematics in a proper manner, can develop a hatred feeling towards maths. Maths is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithm, it is also about understanding.
  • Design structure of formulae: In the middle school a student has to go through various topics like mensuration, geometry, algebra etc, which contains so many formulae, at the beginning student’s face some stiffness towards learning all these formulae, maths is the only subject which suggests every problem has a solution similarly, It’s should be the duty of educator or teacher to design or formulate all the formulae in such a cheat sheet manner or in a logical manner that a student can easily grasp it.
  • Speed up the calculation: Some of the chapters in the middle school like – Rational numbers, powers, squares, square roots, Cubes, cube roots, playing with numbers, Algebra etc. involves more calculative part. Here the challenge starts to appear before the students. As they need to learn so many tables, squares roots etc. Learning tables up to 20, squares roots up to 20, cube & cube roots to 20 is no lesser than a challenge. But if a teacher makes a student learn in some tricky approach or interactive manner they will be able to expedite their calculation skills.
  • Patience: Middle school students are not matured. As all the fingers of the hand are not equal, similarly, some students seem naughty and some others appear attentive. Teachers should never give up on any student. They should continuously explore new strategies and should be passionate which maximizes student learning. They can use the effective tool of e-learning for maths for class 8 case which will be time-saving.