Easy Tips to Choose the Right Timber for Your Wooden Projects

Timber Wood Supplier Mohali

Choosing the right timber for your woodworking projects could be more than confusing most of the time. There are lots of choices available in the timber industry. To find out the one that satisfies your project’s needs is a hassle. Selecting the right species of wood to obtain all quality aspects in your woodworking is quite tricky and needs a lot of hard work and research.

Many timber wood suppliers in Mohali claim to deliver the best products and services but selecting the reliable among them is essential as they will help you in picking the right wood fits your project requirement. When it comes to timber projects, choosing the appropriate timber can create big differences in the specifications of your final products that look great for years.

Just have some patience and take enough time to decide the right wood for obtaining the desired and long-lasting results. There are bunches of ways that will help you to select the exact timber for your wooden projects and save plenty of your time and effort.

Choose the Correct Type of Wood

The selection of the wood type entirely depends on the product you are building. Some projects need hardwood timber such as basketball courts, hardwood floors, and some need softwood timbers like cabinets, pulpwood etc whereas there are some products that need a combination of both hardwood and softwood in their manufacturing. For example, violin and workbench are made using both types of wood.

Hardwood and Softwood both have different fiber patterns, growth, grain pore size, density, and flexibility. Hence pick the correct type and right species to work within your project. Make a sensible decision to choose the different types of wood for the formation of different parts of your furniture or other products.

Choose Dimensionally Stable Wood with Vertical End Grain

While visiting a reliable wholesaler and manufacturer of Indian Timber, keep in mind to choose the most stable wood having a wildly figurative grain pattern to build fine furniture of great stability and straight edges. The humidity or moisture in the air alters the wood size. Therefore find the wood boards as stable as possible to positively handle the seasonal changes.

Choose A Timber with Fewer Defects

To make worth every single penny you are spending, find a wood board that is easy to deal with and needs fewer efforts in its customization. So before making a final decision of buying a timber board have a look at some common timber problems like wood knots, sapwood & insect holes, wood movement defects (like a cup, bow, twist, and crook) checkings, visual inspection of wood for checking the dryness, evenness, thickness, wood end grain sealer, and weight specifications.

Some of these problems can be solved at your end but they take a good quantity of your time and effort, Hence buying good quality timber products having fewer or no more issues to operate.

Choose Wisely the Grade, Colour, Size, and Finish of Your Timber

To give your floor a natural look, go for standard grade timbers and to give your floor a more creative look, choose a character grade. You must go with the colors that create a good contrast with the appearance of your home. Choose the right size of the wood board according to the dimensions of your product. Among the various available finishes like glossy, sophisticated, and satin, pick the one capable of winning you forever.


If you are planning to implement some woodwork or going to renovate your wood flooring and furniture, find out the best supplier of timber products in your near area. Choose the one having a great experience in the associating industry. Also, you can follow the referrals of your nears and dears to discover the reputed and trustworthy wood suppliers. They will help you to select the exact wood you are looking for.

Keeping these simple tips in your mind will help you to get the right solution for your wood products and to select the best for the long term usage.