Becoming A Success On Soundcloud Is Not Easy But it’s possible

Becoming A Success On Soundcloud Is Not Easy But it’s possible

Making it in the world of the music industry is definitely not easy. You have to work very hard, invest resources in marketing, and be lucky on top of everything.

The best place to promote your music as a person who loves creating is definitely SoundCloud. This platform allows its users to create and share their tracks in every genre they prefer. So, you can find songs that go from modern mumble rap to old traditional Mongolian songs. Learn more about different genres here.

If you think about something, be sure that there’s something done on the platform already. It’s not hard to find anything as there are more than 200 million tracks uploaded there. There’s everything.

People who want to become successful in the music world decide to start their careers on SoundCloud. This is the best place for every young creative musician. Why? Because it gives you the freedom and the ability to hang out with people who think and act similar to you.

The platform has around 75 million registered users. All of them are searching for a place under the music industry sun. They all want to be successful and want their music to be heard by the masses.

When you start creating on SoundCloud, you’ll meet more guys like you. They’ll share your interests, ideas, and you’ll listen to some of their work which will certainly be inspiring. It will help you create even more tracks with better quality.

When you play these songs to the community, they might find it satisfying or not so much. Since you love the same type of music, chances are big that they’ll be amazed by what you do. Of course, if you put your mind into it and create something worth listening to.

Becoming a success on this network is walking halfway to global success. Take some of the biggest stars that started their careers there, like Ski Mask The Slump God who has 59 million plays on his track Catch me Outside and another 100 million on YouTube.

The point is if you make it on SoundCloud chances are great you’re going to make it anywhere.

There’s one problem though. Becoming successful is not easy. Some might say, well how can you not be heard among 175 million plays every month? You won’t if you have no marketing plan and if you don’t do something more than just creating music. Something like lots of people do – like to buy SoundCloud plays and show the community that you’re already a built material.

As we said, being present on this music network is much more than just listening and uploading music. It’s a place where people hang out and form their communities based on things they like. Communities who love instrumental music, or metal, or hip-hop, or you name it.

They are the ones that will take you to the stars if you know how to work your way through. One of the most important issues about this is to communicate and take the platform as much more than just a webpage. You need to share your ideas, your story, your feelings, you need to show that you’re a part of the gang and you need to share their great music too.

Once you create a circle of people who admire your work, it will be much easier. The reason we say this is because all these fans have other social networks on their smartphones without a doubt. They’ll share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, places where another 100 million potential fans per network will be connected to your work.

Some might ask – well why not just upload the music on YouTube, or Facebook, networks who own billions of users and visitors. The answer is simple – because these are not places where young and new artists get recognition. Facebook is based on a completely different method, and YouTube visitors mostly come for the already successful and popular tracks. Learn more about these places here: