The Role of HR in the Technologically Driven Business Environment


The modern business world has fostered an evident transformation in the HR function making it closer to mathematics and calculations. Human resources is not the same department that dealt with minor paperwork alongside tedious financial and administrative duties.

With drastic alterations in the ways business is done due to a major influence of technological progression, every process has gone under a transformation with HR being the most apparent one. Moreover, companies have laid a strong emphasis on innovation, creativity, research, and development. Therefore, there is an increasing need for people who are well-versed with the latest technology and are generally curious in nature. So basically, times are changing and that requires organizations to hire a mix of professionals coming from disparate backgrounds.

Thus, there is a visible change in which HR is perceived with a plethora of extra responsibilities instilled in this function. And, there is a growing demand for HR professionals who do not only possess prowess in traditional processes like recruitment, compensation, creating retirement policies, and compliances, but, also have knowledge in utilizing unconventional, contemporary solutions for hiring and retaining the best talent.

The Transforming Role of HR

The conventional HR processes are being revised for good and there are a bunch of other practices that are being introduced to this field. If you give a deep thought over the changes that have taken place in the recent past, in terms of technological advancement, altering business operations and workplace culture, there has been a huge shift in the priorities of human resources professionals.

Managing manpower does not compass hiring candidates in a bulk and reducing attrition, it is mainly about identifying the right talent and retaining it. The primary focus of the HR department is now meant to be on engaging talent in the finest manner.

HR Roles & Responsibilities

The role of HR has upgraded and is even on a higher level than maintaining human relations. Its main target is to improve Techno-Human Relations. Human Resources practitioner do not just have to worry about plans relating to compensation & benefits, but also have to bear the responsibility of ensuring that every new employee gets a PC or else a tablet with the latest version of Windows updated in it.

From the interview to the exit round, every HR practice has been modified as per the tech-savvy people at the workplace who believe in changing the physical as well as cognitive aspects of how interviews are to be taken. It can now be seen as a discussion ground in which a candidate sells his/her competencies, while an HR practitioner sells his/her company.

Furthermore, the HR professionals have to become ready to face a large number of questions in order to make a candidate understand their job description along with the expectations of the organization. Basically, HR leaders have to make sure that the new breed of employees has technical together with business acumen alongside sustaining a multi-generational workforce.