The Mobile Revolution

Mobile Revolution

Seeing people glued to the screens of their phones is nothing out of the ordinary. Before smartphones, these hand-held devices were simply a way to call and text. They had one or two games and no access to the internet. Now, it seems you can do everything on your phone. Take away a person’s phone and you basically take away their life. All forms of communication and entertainment are gone and they’ll be forced to do other non-mobile activities. The horror!

Phones today have gotten a 21st-century makeover. They’re decked out with all the latest features and mobile manufacturers try to beat one another by advancing their tech even further. It’s gotten quite crazy but we’ve all benefited from it. Now, our phones are more secure than ever and they come with very handy features. In fact, your phone has so many applications that you don’t even use all of them.

A Gaming Console in One Hand

When you want to play video games before, you had to have a console like an X-Box or a PlayStation. You bought this expensive machine and would have to buy the games you would only play for a month. Games today are much more accessible. If you have a smartphone, you could entertain yourself for hours on end. The games you play can come for free too! If you go to websites like download play store, you’ll be able to find plenty of entertaining games that will keep you occupied for a long time. There are some you need to pay for, but compared to the high-priced games of the old consoles, these are a cheaper alternative.

Work 24/7

Your phone can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you stay connected to people anytime of the day. You can leave a message for them through SMS or through one of the many social media messaging apps. Your phone also acts as a mini computer. Checking email has never been easier and more convenient. This is where the apprehension comes. Since your email and work files can be accessed on the phone, there is greater expectation from your job to stay up to date. You can no longer use the excuse that you couldn’t be reached since nowadays, you’ll have to live as a hermit for that to happen.

More Secure Than Ever

Phones before would only have a password as a form of security against hackers. Now, passwords are basic and sometimes not enough. Smartphones today come with finger print and even eye scanners to ensure that only its owner has access to it. It makes it much more difficult for hackers and thieves to pry open the digital contents of a phone.

Whether you like it or not, phones have changed a whole lot. They’re much more entertaining and have a lot of uses apart from the basic calling and texting. Just make sure to put it down once in a while. You don’t want to spend your entire life looking at the world through a screen.