Important Things to Know About the Most Popular Flavors of Birthday Cakes

Flavors of Birthday Cakes

It is very obvious you like cakes. If you don’t like, you are just of the 0.001% of the people in the world who don’t. We all know the birthday is a very special day of our life. This particular day in every year makes you the center of attraction and make you feel extremely special and overwhelmed with love and affection. The celebration of any birthday is simply incomplete if there’s no cake cutting ceremony because birthday cake is an indispensable part of a birthday party. A good birthday can actually cheer you up and it is a perfect delight for your taste buds.

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So what are the best flavors of birthday cakes that you should try? Now, this article tells you about the most popular birthday cake flavors-

Carrot Cake:

Well, it may sound weird or unlikely flavor but the actual truth is that carrots have been used since Middle Ages in Europe. Carrots are healthy while on the other hand cakes are sinfully and deliciously unhealthy and when they combine together, they result in an awesome flavored cake – carrot cake! It comes with the grated carrot into the cake batter. This cake is totally unique and highly delicious.

Carrot Cake

Yellow Butter Cake:

Some people prefer to keep things simple and if you are one of them, this particular type of birthday cake is perfect for you. The best part of this classic yellow butter cake is that you can make it very easily and it doesn’t explode any unnecessary flavor on your taste buds.  The name sounds so yummy!

Yellow Butter Cake

Rum Cake:

Alcohol is good and it is exceptional when it comes with the form of super tasty rum ball cake. Apart from a birthday celebration, rum cakes have been extremely popular on occasions like Christmas and New York. The best part of rum is that it goes with most of the desserts, especially with chocolates. Most of the people use rum for making the batter while others bake the cake first and soak it in rum. These cakes come with toasted nuts or walnuts for a spicy tinge of flavor.

Rum Cake

Vanilla Cake:

It is one of the most popular flavors of birthday cake. This cake is very easy to make and at the same time, it comes with a great taste. There are lots of people who really love the subtle flavor of vanilla. These cakes are baked using vanilla extract or vanilla essence that you can easily find in the market.

Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Cake:

When it comes to choosing the flavor of a cake, nothing can simply beat chocolate. Chocolate defines cakes. Chocolate birthday cakes are the best-selling items in any bakery shop. The amount of cocoa used for making the chocolate cake can vary from recipe to recipe.

Chocolate Cake

These birthday cakes are often topped up with melted chocolate to make it more chocolatier.