RBI Will Release New Rs.50 Note Soon And Old Note To Continue


Before few months, the government had banned Rs. 100 and Rs.500 note and released new notes in the market. Likewise, a new fluorescent blue Rs. 50 note comes to the market soon. The new banknote comes in the Mahatma Gandhi series. It is slightly slimmer and smaller as compared to existing note. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will introduce the note soon in the market. Along with this, all earlier fifty rupees notes will continue to be the legal leader as well.

The outlook of the new Rs.50 note:


As already said, the new note comes in the fluorescent blue color with the dimensions of 66mm x 135mm.  However, the height of the new note is the same as the new Rs.2000 and Rs.500 banknotes, which issued after demonetization. The width of the new note is much lesser than the Rs.500 note. Apart from the dimensions and the color, the unique features of the new note are the motif of Hampi along with the chariot and the Swachh Bharat logo on the reverse.

Moreover, this feature depicts the nation’s cultural heritage. It has geometric patterns, which align entire color scheme at both the reverse and obverse. Some of the security features of new notes are micro letters ‘RBI’, ‘INDIA’, ‘Bharat’ (in Devnagri), and ‘50’. The note will have a windowed demetallized security thread along with inscriptions ‘Bharat’ and ‘RBI’.

Important features of the new Rs.50 note:

The note will be in the dimension of 66mm x135mm. The denominational numeral 50 will be written in Devnagri on the front side along with a picture of Mahatma Gandhi at the note center. On the front-right side of the note, the Ashoka Pillar emblem will be printed. The RBI emblem, Governor’s signature with a promise clause and the guarantee clause will present in the note towards the right of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture.

On the back-left of the new note, the year of printing would be mentioned, and it will have a Swachh Bharat logo along with slogan as well. On the note front side, it will have a see through register along with denominational numeral. That means a small design printed both on the front and back of the new Rs.50 note. In the middle of the vertical band and next to the watermark, it will have an accurate back-to-back registration. When you have seen against the light, the design will appear.