Advantages and Disadvantages of a Down Comforter Set


Down comforters have been growing in popularity over the years and many people are choosing them as the beddings of choice in their homes. In fact, you’ll find the best down comforters even in major hotels and this can be attributed to a number of factors including their stylishness and the level of warmth they provide. With the best down comforter, your warmth and bedroom décor is guaranteed and you do not need to spend any more money on blankets and other bedcovers. By nature, down comforters are warm, cozy and luxurious and can be used throughout the year especially if you choose yours well. This article will look at various pros and cons of down comforters to help you understand the bedding set well.

Advantages of a down comforter set.

They are light

By nature, down comforters are pleasantly light especially due to the kind of fill used to make them. Most comforters are made from bird feathers and these bring with them the kind of lightness you know. If you have ever held a bag of feathers in your hands, then you do understand the saying, “as light as a feather” and this is guaranteed in down comforters.

They are warm

Although comforters are light, the level of insulation they provide is of high quality. Basically, comforters come in various lightness levels to provide different levels of warmth, something that makes it possible to choose a set for different seasons or all-year-round. With a good down comforter, you can wave goodbye to cold no matter the kind of bedroom you sleep in.

They are cozy and stylish

Unlike blankets, comforters are generally cozy and stylish, something that makes them an ideal bedding option for many home owners. Due to their softness, comforters offer a high level of comfort which you’ll enjoy while sleeping. They are also breathable and this means you won’t experience sweatiness all night long.

They are durable

With proper care, the best down comforters can last for up to 15 years and still be warm and cozy. However, it is good to choose your comforter carefully by considering the fill material and the fabric and at the same time take good care of it at all times.

Disadvantages of a down comforter set.


One of the main disadvantages of comforters is that they are allergic for many people. This is especially true for those made from synthetic fill. However, there are down comforters which are hypoallergenic and these are suitable for people who are allergic to things such as dust. Some of the down comforters especially those made from synthetic fill could trigger allergies such as itchy eyes, running nose, asthma and sneezing among other issues.


There is no doubt that the advantages of down comforters greatly outweigh the disadvantages. However, even with this, it is important to both choose and maintain your down comforter set well as this is the only way you can prevent against cases of allergies or damage to your beddings.  The best down comforter set should have a high thread count, quality fabric and high quality down for guaranteed durability and comfort.