What is the best age to get married?


In India when it comes to marriage and age, there are some serious double standards for men and women. Men are often suggested to wait until they feel ready to get married or until they’re mature, financially secure, established in their careers and also comfortable with themselves. My own cousin was counseled every day by both of his parents to not even consider getting married until he was 30 or 32 years old. Well, he took their advice a little seriously and to the next level because he got married at 38. But he was praised for his measured and mature decision. This freedom allows the men an extended adolescence period and also grants them more time to find the right person to get married to.

But the women in India are certainly not granted the similar privilege. Movies and ffairy taleshave always provoked women to think about their wedding from a very young age, and most of the rom-com’s practically promotes the proposal as the happy ending. The pressure of settling down in life mounts on as a girl hits the age of 25 and that is when her parents starts giving subtle hints about her marriage and if her 30th birthday passes by without a proposal or engagement then she is made to feel that she just missed her important moment.

Is one age better than the other when it comes to marriage? I have asked this question to many young adults and some of their parents and they seem to think that late twenties are the best time to get married as it gives them the chance to secure their careers. But again to counter that thinking, some studies that I have read have shown that marrying in your early 20s may be the best age.

Well, which age is perfect for getting married has always been a debate and this debate is not going to end soon because many young couples have been proving that marriage can be enjoyable and lasting if they work at it. It is true that a happy marriage isn’t automatic even if you get married at the correct age, so if you’ve found someone you love and shares the same values as yours, then take the leap of fate. You might be astonished at what might be stored for you.

Well, according to me age has nothing to do with marriage. Some get married at a young age as they don’t want to wait and they know that they have found a person who they want to spend their lives with. Getting married when the society thinks its time is not the right reason to get married. You should get married when you think you are ready. Some of my friends got married at early 20’s and they are happy because they have worked at it. Many say it is too young an age to get married as you do not know the person you are with is correct or not. It is better to wait than regret. To that I always say, if you are with the right person you will know that instantly don’t wait for the society to approve of your age just take the leap.

If a marriage has to fail, there are many reasons for which it can fail and age is definitely not one of them. Either you got married at a young age or waited for your 30’s to get settled if you and your partner are not compatible and no one is trying hard to make the relation work then the marriage is bound to fail. As a marriage is a hard work and you need to work at it each day.

Finding a life partner nowadays has become very simple because of all the matrimonial site that has come up be it a matrimonial site with many filters of caste specific sites like Muslim matrimonial sites. They have made it easy for you to connect with your life partner and take the decision of getting married whenever you feel ready.