The enchanting beauty of Himachal made it the best tourist point for many travellers


For those being tired to the same tourist infested destination, it is the best time to explore the untouched and adventures of the picturesque location of Himachal Pradesh. One can easily get a break from tiredness and the monotony of life when they are near to nature- Mother Earth. From a breath of fresh air and greenery, this state is famous because of the most popular hill stations and the hidden gems tucked away from the tourist spots which can be explored easily. From beautiful hill top temples to steeped towns in folklore, tribal villages to beautiful lakes and waterfalls, Himachal has it all.

For those planning to have their next getaway during their vacations can get themselves a good Himachal Tour Package as it is worth spending time with the mesmerizing beauty of the mountains.

Famous breath taking beautiful hill stations that are must visit in Himachal Pradesh

Keeping in mind serenity, adventure, and the natural beauty, all can be found together in this state. It is the land of snow-capped mountains and tall pine trees which makes it a perfect holidaying destination. There is a list of certain places which is a must to visit when on a tour to the state-

  • Kasauli- The place that is especially known for the British architecture and designs is a small hill station in the clutches of Himachal.For those looking to have peace and stay on for a do-nothing vacation, this place is all where you can be. It is famous for its churches, beautiful migratory birds, the apple orchards and the mesmerizing beauty of the green covered high mountains.
  • Khajjiar- Everyone of us dream to visit the heaven on the earth- i.e. Switzerland. Khajjiara lush green beautiful hill station is known as the “Mini Switzerland”.The town’s charm is accentuated when the two lakesKhajjiar and ChameraLakemakes it a perfect picnic spot for the tourists. Besides this, it is a place for trekking and enjoying the serenity of nature.
  • Dharamshala and McLeodGanj- Moving up the hills, crossing a small town Palampur, lay the place Dharamshala.The beautiful and well known Dal Lake, the Bhagsunag Falls, the Kangra Fort, the Nyamgyal Monastery, the Gyuto Monastery are famous few tourist attractions of the place. Many resorts and hotels are near Dharamshalathat can be booked while traveling to this beautiful place. Talking about McLeodGanj, it lays a small dainty and beautiful district in Kangra where Dalai Lama lives. There lives a large number of Tibetans preaching the mantras and shlokas of their deity.
  • Shimla- Being the most popular tourist destination in Himachal, Shimla is a favorite escape and fun time for families, honeymooners and solo travelers alike. This hill station which has become more of a crowded and commercialized place over the years still holds its charm and attracts thousands of tourists every summer. The place hosts a lot of adventure activities, architectural temples, famous places to shop and eat where even sightseeing helps to keep oneself busy.

The list does not end here as the state has many trekking and adventure points too, which attracts a maximum number of tourists to beat the heat and have a fun filled time with their family and friends.