Some tips to keep your heart healthy


Some tips to keep your heart healthy 

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lifestyle drastically. Staying indoors, sitting for long hours due to work, and less exercise are some reasons which can have a negative impact on our health. Every part of the body is important for proper functioning but the heart has a special role to play. your heart works around the clock for you. So it is really important to take special care of your heart and follow the lifestyle which keeps your heart healthy. Here are some tips to keep your heart health in check. 

Eat healthy food

All fats are not bad, in fact our body needs some amount of fat for its proper functioning. We need to include fats in our diet. Saturated, polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats are good for your body. Only one kind of fat that you need to avoid is trans fat. Studies show that trans fat can increase your risk of developing heart disease or poor heart health. 

Get good amount of Sleep

Sleep deficiency has several harmful effects on our body and risk of developing heart disease is one of such harmful effects. Having a proper sleep keeps your body fit and active which ultimately is good for your heart. 

Doing exercise is good for health

Daily exercise and yoga has several health benefits and heart health is one of those benefits.doing exercise and yoga on a regular basis helps to lose the weight and burn extra fat in your body. This keeps your body and mind fresh. Yoga can be really helpful when it comes to taking care of your heart health. So don’t forget to include exercise and yoga in your to do list. 

Quit smoking for a healthy heart

Smoking is one of the several risk factors when it comes to heart diseases. Quitting smoking all at once is not practical and possible as well but you should try to control it and then slowly quit it. 

Overeating is bad for your heart

Health experts suggest that overreacting can also lead to heart related problems. Especially during this pandemic when most of us are working from home mode, physical activity has decreased and staying at home is leading to overeating, it is really important to check your eating habits. To avoid or reduce heart related risks one of the measures is to stop overeating.