Set Autonomous Standing Desk

autonomous standing desk

Standing desks have gained a lot of popularity in the ergonomic world. I am quite sure that if you have not acquired one, you will be in the near future. You will soon experience the drawbacks that come with your ordinary desk and take steps to improve it.

Office workers usually spend over eight hours throughout the day while working, making the design of their desk an essential part of the working processes. How you sit, stand and move while working will impact on your way of thinking, feeling and your level of productivity. Also, it impacts on your health.

Working at the Autonomous desk come with a lot of health benefits than you’d imagine. Sitting for extended hours will lead to straining of your spine, which remains the primary alignment part of the human body. It is even more damaging when you sit in positions that are not ergonomic.

By using an Autonomous standing desk at either your office or home, you will experience increased blood circulation and muscle movement throughout your day. Your spine will be more aligned and you are more likely to engage in active breaks more regular. Many users have also reported that the standing desk helps them remain focused, particularly during the early hours of the morning and also after lunch when most workers tend to feel sluggish.

Truth be told, no worker would want to remain standing the whole day. This is why most types of standing desks come with adjustable height options, allowing users to move from standing and sitting by just a touch of the button.

The Autonomous standing desk comes with digital panels, the most convenient way of adjusting your standing desk. Under the front rim of your Autonomous desk, there is a small dashboard that you can set as you like.

The digital panel is good as it allows you to remember the settings in height that works best for you and apply them anytime time. They have even gone to produce SmartDesk 3 that has an app that can adjust the desk for you throughout the day based on your norms. The only challenge with this digital panel is that it requires power and so when there is no power you may not enjoy that service. However, this should not cause any alarm if using it in a modern workplace. Digital panels make adjusting your desk easy and it will be automatically programmable in your workplace.

Some users begin their day standing up and as they get exhausted they move to sit. Others energize into standing before attending their first meeting or engaging in relaxing activity. Be it what your choice is, you will need a desk that you can easily adjust during the day, as you will be required to alternate between standing and sitting.

if you are working from an office or home and you would like a standing desk that caters for your needs, we would recommend you visit and order your piece now.