Top 5 Websites For Finding Your Ideal Property in Thailand

Top 5 Websites For Finding Your Ideal Property in Thailand

Investing in Thailand property is a good idea simply because the country is beautiful. Once you visit Thailand, you will discover a lot about their history and culture. They pay high respect to their culture and history and that is what makes them interesting to visit. Once you get there, it is easy to distinguish and learn about their traditions because of their places. Their museums say a lot about their religion and their beliefs. Once you visit the country, it will get more and more interesting. If you are planning to travel around Thailand or even live there, ThailandFlat offers great deals and also more information about their properties. There are properties for rent and for sale.

If you want to find and explore more about Thailand properties, you can check other websites for offers. They also put details and whatever information you need with regards to properties in Thailand. Here are some:

1. Real Estate Thailand (

On this website, you can buy and sell or even rent Thailand properties. It is the no.1 property portal for real estates in Thailand. It has grown over the years because of its quality service and quality products. They have properties from different major cities in Thailand. They also offer different types of properties such as condominiums, land, houses and they even have loan payment plans.

Phone: +66(0)92-005-5357


2. Vauban Real Estate (

There is a property guide on this website meaning you can have more information regarding your preferred property to invest in. Whether you already have an idea on what type of property you like or you have none yet, their guide will help you to choose on which to invest in. They have different branches across Thailand which makes them worthy of your trust.

Phone: +66 (0) 2-168-7047

3. Siam Real Estate (

What is interesting in this website is that if offers free airfare when you buy properties from them. Benefit after benefit if you invest in their Thailand properties. They also offer properties from different cities across Thailand. They will also either refund you through cash or through airfare if something went unfortunate with the property you are trying to invest in. For more details with regards to that visit their website.

Phone: +66 (0)76 383-646

4. FazWaz (

This website does not only offer Thailand properties but from other Southeast Asian countries as well such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and even from the United Arab Emirates as well.

Phone: +66 (0) 2 508 8780

5. Thailand-Property (

If you are going to check the properties on this website, you will have further information regarding sales statistics and other facts with regards to properties in Thailand. You will have a better understanding of properties and from there, you will be able to choose wisely on which property you will invest in.

Telephone number : +66(0)2-254-0541Email :