Safety & Protection Training: What you Need to Know

Safety & Protection Training

There are many industries where the operator is working in a potentially dangerous environment and this demands special training, which is carried out by industry specialists. It might be height, or confined space training that is required when working and there are online organisations that deliver the required training.


We all know how strict government regulations are regarding safety in the workplace and the last thing a business owner needs, is to be found to be non-compliant regarding employee training. If a worker had an accident and it was found that the employer had failed to provide the essential work training, there would be serious consequences for the company.

Range of Protection Services

The list of services offered by an approved training provider would include:

  • Height training – 5G Tower operatives, arborists and telecom technicians all require working at height training
  • Confined space training – The mining sector requires specialised training and with tailored courses, operators have a better understanding of safety practices.
  • Rescue – First responders need special training that covers on-site risk assessment and preparations.
  • Firefighting – This is a demanding, but essential course for all first responder firefighters.
  • Workplace safety – This is a broad course that can be tailored to suit the client’s needs.
  • First aid – Another essential course is first-aid training, which could save someone’s lifee.

One of the best training organisations is Diamond Protection Training, a leading Australian provider of essential workplace training. They have the know-how and experience to deliver the right training to your employees and once on their comprehensive website, you can learn more about the specific courses on offer and make the necessary arrangements to set the ball rolling and deliver the course to the relevant people.

Public Safety Training

This covers a wide range of sectors and the course would include first-aid, fire and rescue, along with a long list of extras that you can add to the course. Team leaders would be suited for this kind of training and over 3 weeks, the person is trained in a real-life environment by qualified operators who really know their stuff. Here is an interesting article on the functions of management, which makes for a good read.

Free Video Call

If you would like to learn more about how training courses can benefit your business, the provider would be happy to have an informal discussion via Zoom, which would enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the kind of training on offer. The next step would be a needs assessment by their experts and that would lead to a course created by the educators, which would be delivered in a real-life working environment and equips workers to carry out safe practices in the workplace.

Selected Employees

In some sectors, such as fast food and restaurants, it is not necessary that every staff member attends a special training course, rather a single employee in a supervisory role, who can disseminate the information to other employees.

The Australian government has very stringent regulations in place regarding safety in the workplace, and with tailored training courses from an approved organisations, your employees can receive the necessary training.