Reasons Why Buying Miles Is The Latest Trend In The Air Travel Industry


You can call it buying miles if you are purchasing them online or call it earning miles if you are making an extra effort to bag them through a frequent flyer reward program. It basically means the same thing. You end up with airline miles in both cases which is something that all travelers treasure. In fact going by the latest happenings in the air travel industry, it seems everyone is after miles. An amateur traveler may be confused as to what air miles are and why a traveler needs them in their life. This article will clear out some confusions hopefully.

What are airline miles?

If you hear about frequent flyer programs initially, you will find them to be complex. But they are really not. Once you understand the basic dynamics and know the terms of your airline’s program, you are good to go. In the end, it all comes down to accumulating and redeeming airline miles at every good opportunity you get.  The airline miles are first to be bought or earned through different ways and can later be redeemed or used to bag discounts in unique ways as per an airline’s policy.

Reasons why airline miles have become so popular

It was only a matter of time before airline miles and loyalty programs became viral among travelers. There is only one thing that can help a traveler get some benefit in the travel industry and that is competition. Competition is exactly why the concept of airline miles and frequent flyer programs was introduced. Here we list the most common benefits of these miles which have caused them to be so popular.

Paying less airfare

All airlines are out to make maximum profit so paying lower airfare is a lottery we all like to win. Airline miles are one of the most common ways to bag discounts on air tickets. Once you have managed to accumulate a certain number of miles, you can redeem them on your next flight. Redemption policies vary airline to airline. But rest assured that with a good number of miles in hand, expect some good things to happen.

Discounts on accommodation

Due to the growing popularity of miles in the air travel industry, airlines have made continuous efforts to make sure their program stands out. This is why now many frequent flyer programs are in partnership with big brands and hotels out there. At partner hotels, you can redeem miles to gain discounts and enjoy longer stays.

Rental car at a low price

Getting around a new country is always a difficult task due to language barriers and an unfamiliar system. A rented car may seem like the perfect option but of course, everything good comes with a heavy price. To lower this price a bit, airline miles are there for the rescue.

Shopping discounts

Reward programs are only improving with time. Now popular programs are in alliance with online shopping portals and big brand names like target and Best Buy. You can redeem your miles while shopping at the partnered brands.