Evolution of Beauty Consciousness Over Decades!


In the olden times, beauty was more of a natural thing. Beauty was found in simplicity and minimal makeup efforts. But, over the past years, there has been a great deal of change in the concept of beauty. People have become very beauty conscious which could also be a very good thing because; they have adopted a healthy lifestyle and diet to look good. So, let’s talk about how this change entered our society.

Years ago, mothers would make homemade face packs and face masks for their daughters so as to reduce pigmentation, acne, improve skin complexion etc. Those homemade beauty recipes are still used in our homes and we often refer to them as ‘dadimakenuskhe’. These are kind of a legacy that is passed on from every mother to her daughter and then her daughter. But with the enhancement of science and technology, beauty too got a renovation done. And they appeared in front of us as creams and moisturisers and lotions that were made with the help of technology of course.

Soon there were blogs about beauty to make people more beauty conscious. In our country, a large section of people still has a difficulty in reading and comprehending the language English! For people like those, we bring online beauty blogs in Hindi so that people can read those blogs in a much comfortable language that they find easy to read and understand. These beauty blogs actually serve to be very useful to several readers out there. These blogs have all the things one needs to know to take care of their skin and hair and other beauty related problems. Readers also get to address their problems and queries to the writers who happen to be beauty experts. They try helping their readers through all the remedies they have.

But, before online beauty blogs; there were beauty magazines that were a part of the common household. They were loved by mothers, daughters, teen agers etc. there were beauty magazines addressing issues and problems faced by women at the various stages in life. But, not just that, they would also offer its readers to address to writers and ask their beauty related problems. But over few years, beauty magazines have been replaced by online magazines. Yet, the response is unbelievable because they too offer articles in Hindi. People still like reading them and addressing their problems to the writers. And the responses are much faster than the other paper magazines. I guess this is one of the reasons why online beauty magazines for women in Hindi is such a great success.

So, now we can see that how beauty has become such an important part of our lives. We have seen from years where no one was much bothered about beauty to people going obsessed about online blogs. Science has brought about a huge change in our lives. But you know as they say change is the only constant. So after reading this article I hope you know that beauty bloggers are out there to solve your beauty problems be it via online beauty blogs and magazines or just the regular magazines. You just need to reach ouch and help will come pouring out.