Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal


Whether for beauty purposes or good old hygiene, hair removal has become a necessity over the years. As a result, today we have a number of choices to get rid of unwanted hair, from threading to waxing to shaving to laser hair removal. Among the many methods, laser hair removal is recognized globally and has been in use since 1997. Both women and men are increasingly opting for laser hair removal as an effective, permanent and safe solution. The FDA has approved the technique and recognizes its effectiveness in lessening hair growth constantly overtime.

How laser hair removal works?

Human hair grows in three steps, viz. anagen, telogen and catagen. Any methods you use for hair removal are highly effective if used at the anagen step. During the laser hair removal process, a concentrated beam of light is focused on the hair follicle. When the light beam transforms into pure energy it is absorbed by the natural pigmentation of the hair. This energy heats and burns the hair follicle at the root so that it can’t grow back giving you hair-free, smooth skin.

Top laser hair removal benefits:

Save time and money

Common methods of hair removal include tweezing, shaving and waxing that are cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when you are running late for work. Laser hair removal benefits include being permanent, and once you have taken the treatment, you won’t have to waste time and money every week or 15 days on hair removal procedures. You can safely throw out the shaving gels, wax, depilatory creams and razors from your shopping list. You will also notice that the new growth becomes very fine and sparse with subsequent sessions. No longer will you have to plan your wardrobe according to your waxing schedule. Wear whatever you want without the need for annoying stubble check.

No strange after effects

Waxing can cause skin irritation, rash and scalding if done improperly. While nicks and cuts are common after shaving and tweezing can cause awkward looking bumps and redness. The laser hair removal on the other hand is clean and doesn’t involve any messes or stickiness. You won’t have to deal with prickly stubbles or ingrown hair that form in a few days. The procedure is perfect for any area like the arms, legs, underarm, face and bikini areas. Men can get this procedure done on their checks and back to flaunt chiseled abs or smart tattoos. Laser even work on the ingrown hairs you have, removing them quickly.

Painless and safe

You can rest assured that the laser treatment is safe as the light beams only work on the pigmented hair leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Of all the laser hair removal benefits, the most tempting is the painless process when compared to waxing. The only sensation you will feel will be same as that of the warm snapping of a rubber band. The discomfort is also very minimal and also depends on the sensitivity of the area getting treated.

Quick process

This is another benefit of laser hair removal. You don’t have to spend hours for each session. Lasers can heat multiple hairs on a particular section of the skin similar to the size of a quarter, in one treatment. A single session can take approx. a minute for a small area like the upper lip, for larger areas of your body, like legs and back it can take approx. an hour. If you have opted for treatment in the bikini or underarm area, you can expect that it will take around 20 minutes. After 3-7 sessions, you will see that the area is permanently hair free and smooth to the touch.

A permanent solution

As already said, laser hair removal is a permanent solution to hair free skin. The results are enduring and allow you to dress without any hassle or hesitation. Flaunt your back or legs or smooth hands confidently, always.

Considering the many benefits of laser hair removal, you can rely on laser as the best solution available to get rid of unwanted hair. However, like all other beauty treatments, you must visit a certified clinic that has well-trained and certified professional that can provide you with laser hair removal treatment, safely and effectively.