Quick tips to hire candidates with Excel Proficiency

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In the world of advanced technology, where everything is literally going advanced, it makes no sense to track down the record on papers that has high risk of being damaged or getting lost. But yes, it is expected from the candidates of today’s time to be pretty good in excel that can also give you a clear idea on whether the recruiting purpose or the organization and management which such candidate is doing through excel is worth for the organization or not. Different job roles have different requirement from excel and to have proficiency in it is not so easy. Some are trained in this while some keep on practicing to explore new things. Here are some quick tips as a hiring manager that you can use.

Understanding the purpose:

The reason why you are advised to conduct Microsoft excel test is to make sure candidates with their knowledge and experience in the Excel can use it for the job growth. The added advantage for the candidates to have knowledge in this is even if they don’t hold much experience in their job core profile but to have a knowledge in excel can take them in the next round of selection process. A true excel person is the one who would be working on the software from quite a long time and don’t have credentials to show but certainly have the talent to portray.

Understanding the concept of the test:

Such type of test includes the set of 20 questions in which there are different topics that are usually observed as per the job profile for which your organization has requirement. In these sections, every part contains the spreadsheet of the Excel with some associated problem that a candidate is expected to answer. The candidate needs to solve in the Excel the asked outcome and how well to get the accurate results from the same. In the evaluated report, a recruiter gets to see the set of scores along with the explanation of the results for better understanding.

What it covers:

As a recruiter, you need to understand that such test covers the evaluation for the middle skilled jobs whose role would be mostly on the Excel irrespective of their college degree. Even the result has proved that nearly 75% of the people require the digital skills such as excel and word processing which is extremely important. Of course, those who don’t have experience in it may not get selected since, organization requires the quality result and want to utilize their time and money for something better instead of training these candidates to be better.

Excel seems to be an interesting topic but there is no denial to the fact that it is quite huge and practicing it on regular basis only can make a candidate excellent. Right from HR like you till the marketing and sales people, everyone relies on excel. Again, to use such software one needs to be clear with the purpose otherwise, it is a complete waste of operating it.