Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

The whole concept of vaping is changing. For a long time, it was thought that e-cigarettes were getting bigger and huge. There were a lot of transitions such as cigalikes to the vape pens and then it was tube mods and the box mods. Since the box mods, there were more packages of batteries in their bodies.

As the vaping device gets bigger, you can vape for a longer period without needing to keep charging and put out the bigger clouds. These are the plus points of the vapers these days and you can pair this sort by setting it up with low nicotine e-juice and high VG vapes to be satisfied. This is to be done when you want a hit to the throat and the nicotine flavor if you want.

But here is how pod systems are making heads turn. They store the best set of features such as portability, simple, satisfying. They are similar to the cigalikes but they have a lot more potential than that.

But what are the pod systems?

Pod systems are those e-cigarettes which make use of the pod and they are opposite of a traditional tank or an atomizer. Though they do the same job like holding the e-liquid and vaporizing, they deliver the vapor to you through the mouthpiece. Yes, they have a smaller capacity than the traditional tanks and they simply push into place in the top of the device when you want to switch flavors.

The other part of the structure is similar to the capacity of the tanks. But at 1-2ml, there are a few bigger pods. The batteries are small in comparison and they have capacities of 300mAh. The whole capacity of the battery is based on how long it is going to last until it gets discharged. They don’t have good capacity like the vape pens but they can be called as cigalikes which are around 200 mAh.

Since a lot of pod systems are different, there is bound to be some variation between the pod systems. For example, the Juul pods which are a running trend have an archetypal pod system with a rectangular or a USB stick-like appearance. There are of course a lot of other options but in most of the cases, they have this automatic operation. All you have to do is to inhale from the tip to vape just like you do in the cigarettes. There are manual buttons also like the mods and the vape pens.

The main difference between the open and closed pods

The pods which work as open or closed. The closed pod is that which work like the cigalike device and the cartomizer. They are loaded with the e-liquid and they aren’t refillable. So all you can do is just throw away the pod when it is done. They are like the cartomizers which have the benefit of being easy to use but the downside is that it is completely your choice when the flavor is limited.

The open pod is refillable which is very close to the ordinary tank. There is a lot of flexibility while handling the pod systems. It is also worth noting that though they cannot cope with higher- VG juices. Thus, it is best to use the higher PG blends that have okayish nicotine levels.

Here are some other questions that are answered

The JUUL pods which are making quite a mark, but the pods are high strength e-liquid it uses have raised quite some eyebrows too. The Juul podsuse around 59mg/ml strength e-liquids and it is incredibly high in comparison to the ordinary e-juice. The ordinary e-juice takes around 12mg/ml.

But how do these nicotine levels go high? There might be a notion that JUUL and similar devices are really harsh to vape. But the whole answer lies in the nicotine salts used. The salt form of nicotine is related to how it is found in the tobacco leaf and the pH of the e-liquid is also lowered. Hence, there is a throat hit right there.

Hence, there is the reason why the high nicotine e-liquids have harsh throat hit.

Pod systems have this ability to produce less vapor and they are generally not as hard-hitting as the mods. 

But the nicotine salts and the pods are quite suitable to each other. There is still that satisfying vape there with a higher nicotine e-liquids which do not use any nicotine salts. But there is an extra benefit here- this makes the pod systems more satisfying and likable to use.


Hence, we can end with the positive things about pod systems and how they are changing how we do the whole vaping. It is compact, easy to use and much affordable than the others. It is quite satisfying and gives a great throat hit right when you want it.