7 Contemporary Sleeve Designs That You Must Try


Kurtis are known for its casual comfort and it can be flaunted at any occasion. These are stylish and trendy, but do you know what adds an edge to it? Its unique neckline and fashionable sleeve. From plain sleeves to cold shoulder, you can get whatever you like. Whenever you will plan to get your kurti stitched, your tailor will ask you to choose its sleeve style. At that time, you will definitely have to look for a perfect sleeve design. So here are some contemporary and popular sleeve designs that you much have.

  1. Beautiful Slit sleeves for kurtis:
Slit sleeves for kurtis

Looking for something contemporary, fun and chic? Go for slit sleeve pattern. It is very popular nowadays and adding a slit to the sleeves will add happy vibes to your plain kurti. It has perfect indo western vibes, which seems amazing. You can get it with details or keep it plain, it will always give the glamorous vibes.

2. Bow tie-up sleeves for kurtis:

Bow tie-up sleeves for kurtis

Bow are always known for its cute look. You may have seen the bow on the back, but have you ever imagined to get it on the sleeves? Yes, you heard it right. It adds the playful details to your sleeves. It will look modern and effortless in every direction. You can get it fixed or tie it, it will always look amazing with the kurti.

3. Square Cut out detailed tie-up sleeves for kurti:

Square Cut out detailed tie-up sleeves for kurti

If you want something sleeveless but with the tie-up design, simply go for this style. It looks gorgeous and extremely modern. Such kurti designs have the straight arm hole cut out design. Such patterns usually come with prints and embroidery. These will look perfect on special occasions. If you want to have a better impact, pair with jeans.

4. Pretty Contrasting criss-cross sleeves for kurtis:

criss-cross sleeves for kurtis_

The normal Indian kurtis with classic criss-cross Dori design adds beautiful vibes to the normal kurti. It looks traditional but modern. You can choose it in a contrasting colour so that it will look quite colourful. This design is actually very famous in Punjab and Haryana. Whenever you are going for such sleeves, never go for too much. It may harm its look.

5. Stunning Sheer full-length sleeves for kurti:

Stunning Sheer full-length sleeves for kurti

You may have seen the Allahdin movie and dream to get such attires. We understand its hard to get the overall same garment, but you may ditto vibe with the help of your kurti. Get the shot head turner full-length sheer kurti with balloon flare. You can even get it with embellishments or embroidery. Such details look minimal but extraordinary. These sleeves will look perfect at the festivals and Indian functions.

6. Alluring frill cold shoulder sleeves for kurtis:

Alluring frill cold shoulder sleeves for kurtis

Umbrella sleeves are loved by almost every women. But if you want to add more style to that basic style, simply go for cold shoulder sleeves with the same design. It is the hottest trend of all time and makes you look glamorous. Such a style will give a perfect contemporary look to your designer kurtis. Whenever you are going for short kurtis or A-line kurtis, you can opt for this kind of sleeve design.

7. Dramatic Puff Sleeves for kurtis:

Dramatic Puff Sleeves for kurtis

Do you want to add some drama to your normal Indian kurtis? If yes, then go for puff sleeves. It looks really beautiful and adds the puffy vibes for your kurti. And the best part is that these are rarely seen. So it’s time to switch your normal kurtis with dramatic puff sleeves designs. You will fall in love with this mind-blowing style.

These are some new and different styles of kurti sleeves that one should try. It will give happy vibes to your normal kurti. But do you know how to feel confident in different sleeves? Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Choose the fabric according to your choice and comfort. You are lucky that there are so many fabric options.
  • Match your sleeves with your kurti. There are so many options so you don’t have to worry about the limited styles.
  • Choose the detailing in the right way. There are many options including patchwork, kundan, embroidery, print, and tie and dye effect. In such a way, you can style in the perfect style.
  • Accessorize it well: Always remember to choose the accessorize your kurti according to the sleeve design (bangles, earrings, necklace and chappal)
  • Try different cuts: Never feel shy to experiment with your sleeves and basic look. You can go for anything you like. The only thing you should make sure is your comfort.
  • Fusions: The Indo-western looks are very in. Always remember to go for mix and match style.

There is no rule that you have to choose from these given styles, but you can go for something that is really comfortable.