Momos- The Traditional Delicacy of Nepal


Considered as one of the famous dishes in Nepal, the Momo is a form that is dumped with some filling inside. This is a very popular dish in Nepal, Tibet as well as among Nepalese/Tibetan communities within Bhutan, along with people associated with Sikkim condition and Darjeeling district in India. The unique feature of this dish is that it can be prepared in vegetarian as well as in Non-vegetarian flavours as well.  There are typically two sorts of momo that you will find, steamed as well as fried. Momo is usually offered with a sauce (locally called chutney/achar, normally made out of tomato as the base component. Soup momo is a meal with steamed momo engrossed in a meats broth. Pan-fried momo can also be known as kothey momo. Steamed momo dished up in a very hot sauce is known as C-momo.

Essentials of a Momo Dish

There are key ingredients that are required to prepare this dish. If it is a vegetarian dish or a non-vegetarian dish, the presence of these essentials are vital for adding flavour to this dish. The momos recipe needs to be prepared with ingredients such as vegetables that include potatoes, cabbage, flat beans etc, which are mostly used as fillings inside the Momo. The presence of cheese is also that much more important as it brings added flavour, and then khoa which are sorts of milk solids that are mixed with sugar which is served as a dessert in places like Kathmandu. However, perhaps the most important ingredient is meat, which can be either pork, or chicken, or goat meat or buffalo and is most common in places like Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, districts of Darjeeling along with Nepal.

Delicious Veg Momo

A mouth-watering dish that takes a minimum time to prepare but can be a very tasty snack. It takes about 20 mins to prepare all the ingredients as well as 60 mins to cook the entire dish. If there is a lack of time, then nothing like is this snack to manage hunger. An enjoyable quick dish with friends!

Tasty Chicken Momo

Perhaps tastier than Veg Momo as it takes lesser time to prepare and cook as in compared to Veg Momo. It takes as much as 15 min’sof preparation time, and 20 min’s to cook. This is usually served with spicy chutney in festivals and special occasions and enjoyed by all age groups.

Mouth-watering Paneer Momo

Another tasty recipe that is a must in occasions and festivals! It also takes very less time and cooks fast. If prepared with proper ingredients it can be served as a royal delight. If anyone has not tried it till date this one is worth a try once for sure.

Nothing better than Prawn Momo

A simple recipe to cook but mind-blowing taste! The prawn momo dish is certainly going to tickle the taste buds. Prawns are anyways widely accepted and preparing momo’s with this adds finesse to the dining table.  Again it is a most wanted dish on several occasions.

Other types of momos are tea momo, cheese momos, etc. Now with the advent of the internet, one can easily get a hold of all momos recipe and can download them from Google, prepare and enjoy at the comfort of their houses. It is hence a source pleasure of cooking to all food lovers all over the world.