Fresh and chemical free pizzas online for your healthy diet


Do you have the habit of checking the ingredients before ordering a pizza? Did you know that if you have ever eaten pizzas, there are high chances that you have consumed a good deal of chemicals along with it?

In the last few decades, there has been a major chemical revolution across the world. Chemicals are added to food items just to make them look nice, tasty and have increased shelf life. Addition of preservatives has become a part of almost every food item we consume. It would be alarming to know the amount of preservatives and other chemicals that get added to pizza bases to make it look, smell and taste exactly the same across all pizzerias of a particular pizza franchise worldwide. But the sad part is many pizzerias do not reveal what they add in their pizzas.

Thank god for these online food websites and apps that enable ordering pizza online. They not only deliver freshly made pizzas to wherever we want, they also provide a precise list of what goes in your pizza. Almost all of them state the ingredients right on the face including the phrase, ‘contains no preservatives’.

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of awareness created about these preservatives. When consumed over a limit, they can cause many side effects ranging from headaches to even major diseases like cancer.

Online food ordering has made it accessible to have fresh, healthy and multi-grain pizzas at your will. By ordering pizza online on the online food websites, one can have authentic, chemical-free piping hot pizzas delivered within an hour! These vendors have gone high up in standards with respect to their customer satisfaction. Since they have highly qualified chefs, their pizzas can be well differentiated in terms of taste, freshness and being chemical-free.

In a recent study, few of the well-known pizzerias were found to be hiding some gravely harmful ingredients contained in their pizzas. They usually add flavor enhancers, artificial colors, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrolyzed proteins, MSGs and many more chemicals to make the pizzas taste very good. Some of these chemicals trick your brain to believe that the food tastes so great and makes you want more of it. To even imagine what goes into frozen pizzas is creepy.

So what is the big issue with these chemicals? May be we just eat pizzas occasionally and feel great after a pizza. But, beware. These chemicals do not show the side effects immediately. It usually shows up as one or the other disease only after sometime – can be a few days to few years. While they are inside, they can cause anything from headaches, obesity and depression to learning disabilities, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or even cancer.

Before you make your next pizza order, it could be a good idea to ask and get to know what goes in the ingredients list. In the case that you don’t get a satisfactory reply, do think twice if you really want to order from there.

Many have found it reliable to order pizzas through online food apps as they provide a lot of visibility and accountability. And while ordering pizza online, don’t forget to notice ‘fresh ingredients’ and ‘preservative free’ words!