Know the Biggest Advantage of Shri Devi’s Death


Sridevi was the stepmother of actor Arjun Kapoor. When Arjun Kapoor was 11, his father Boni Kapoor had a second marriage to Sridevi. It is said that the relationship with Arjun and his father’s family has not been good since then. The relationship between Arjun and Sridevi has always been a topic of B town’s Gossip.

Bapi Boney Kapoor now needs a lot of Arjun Kapoor and he needs them to handle himself. We will have to see that now where the father’s relationship goes. By the way, Arjun loves his two younger sisters, Jahanvi and Khushi.

Arjun said in an interview with Times Group that there are many dimensions of my relationship with Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. I always look forward I do not think about this what could have been and what should have been. Arjun Kapoor said that the relationship with him (Sridevi) is quite good.

I respect any person present in my father’s life. Because they expect such. So I respect them. I do not want bad.   The entire business and movable real estate of Kapoor clan have now come to the hands of Arjun Kapoor. This is not happening with Mr. Devi but now the last lamp of Kapoor family is Arjuna.