Long residence ILR

Long residence

Any individual who has stayed in the UK for a period of more than 10 years is eligible for applying Indefinite leave to remain under the long residence category.

This is also commonly referred to as a UK 10 year long residence.

This continuous residence requirement on nonattendances from the UK is stricter than the standard ILR procedure. 

Long residence UK requirements 

The Long residence UK requirements in detail are as follows:

  1. Prospective applicants should not have spent more than 540 days over the 10 years, with no single nonattendance more than 180 days, outside the UK. 
  1. Periods spent outside the UK between visas are acknowledged as long as the applicant held a substantial visa when they left and when they returned. These periods are additionally figured in with the cutoff on nonattendances.
  2. You have an unbroken 10 years of residence.
  3. You have an unspent criminal conviction in your name
  4. You have passed the life in the UK test
  5. You have passed the relevant English language proficiency test
  6. You were not present in the UK during any breach of UK immigration law.
  7. The UK Home office does not have any ground to refuse your application.

Your 10 years of continuous residence depends on the following factors:

  1. You never stayed out of the UK more than 18 months 
  2. Whether you were deported or removed by force from the UK
  3. You have been denied entry in the UK
  4. There are no reasonable grounds or expectation of your return to the UK lawfully.
  5. You have committed any crime, been suspended or detained 
  6. You stayed outside the UK for more than 6 months one time during your stay.

Some additional factors that the UK Home Office will consider

1.Your age

2. Your intention to stay in the UK 

3. Your intention to return to the UK, i.e your strength of connections with the UK

4. Any serious or compelling reasons

Important things to consider

If you have not finished the Life in the UK test or met the English Language prerequisite, you might have the option to broaden your visit in the UK, instead of applying for indefinite leave to remain. 

The continuous long term period doesn’t have to have been finished as of late. You can depend on a previous time of 10 years spent in the UK. 

If you have dependents, they might have to apply to switch into an alternate class of the Immigration Rules, like the Spouse or Civil Partner or Child classifications. 

Whenever you have been allowed ILR to stay on grounds of long residence, you will be liberated from any immigration time limitations. You won’t lose your ILR except if you are missing from the UK for over two years or submit a genuine offense. 

It is feasible to apply for ILR based on long home at a Super Priority Services at the Home Office and get a choice within one working day.

How to make a successful Long residence ILR?

Your application relies heavily on your situation, eligibility, and intention to stay in the UK. Make sure you seek legal advice before you apply. We would recommend you to choose A Y & J Solicitors, as they are the leading immigration solicitors in the UK and possess 100% customer satisfaction review. They can help you achieve your visa and immigration goals too.