Know the After Regimen Post Kidney Transplantation


If you are going through kidney transplantation or a near one is going through it, you should definitely know how to come back to normal living life after the transplantation is done. This is because; when a critical surgery is done; ,any people reserve themselves to limited means if living and try to avoid most of the things that comes in their way when it comes to normal life living.

It is true that one after going through this surgery becomes very weak and takes a lot of time to recover, but if they maintain some specific things, they can easily resume back their normal life. Now, why one should go through this transplantation? Well you go through this only if your renal expert recommends this and you get know kidney transplant in India cost from them only.

When the transplantation is done, a patient may have to wear a necklace or a bracelet which indicates the medical identification. This will help the attending doctors and nurses to know your medical condition immediately after the transplantation is done. In fact, if the patient is a child or a minor, there should be parent’s number written on it so that anyone can contact them when needed.

Your post transplantation may lead to a lot of medications and that will be prescribed by your medical team who has operated you. These medicines should be taken very meticulously as they are the one which will help you to recover as soon as possible. Apart from taking medicines, there should be some regulations which have to be followed on a regular basis so that one can come back to normal life soon.

  • The major thing among them is exercise. Regular exercise should be a part of your daily regime. This is important because excursive will keep the cholesterol level, body weight and blood pressure in a human body in control. It brings many positive changes in the body and also a healthy diet should run along with it. These two together can make your life much better post surgery. It helps you to regain back the normal energy in the body.
  • After two or three months of operation do not stay at home and be sick. You can start your school or college or daily work which will help you to go back to the normal life soon. Yes, you might not be able to take very pressure at work but you can go back to light work always.
  • You should not travel for two or three months post transplantation. It is strictly not recommended. Even after that if you need to travel outside the country, you have to take permission from the concerned physicians and they will make a not on your needed vaccinations and prescribe about your medicines and food intake.
  • There is no need to go for any social medication for skin and hair care if not needed.

To know cost for kidney transplant in India you should consult a surgeon.