Interesting Chocolate Facts that will Astonish Chocolate Lovers


Chocolates have an impressive history and they are still the most favorite confectionary loved by all aged people around the world. The chocolate manufacturers have come up with some of the unique and versatile ways to evolve the chocolates from a simple cocoa bean into some marvelous exquisite chocolate brands. No wonder chocolates are the best gift these days one can give to any loved one. In fact, there are specially designed chocolates that you can choose as a gift. People delightfully send Birthday chocolates, Valentine’s Day chocolates or Mother’s Day chocolates to express their feelings in the sweetest manner. Thus, chocolates have become an interesting category to find some interesting facts on.


Here, we are presenting some unique and jaw-dropping facts about chocolates that you might have never heard before or been unaware of your favorite confectionery.

  1. If you go back in the history of cocoa beans from where the chocolate journey actually started, you would be amazed to learn that cocoa bean was used as a currency in Mayan times. Since the cultivation of cocoa beans was restricted so their value was much higher than a gold coin.
  2. Do you know that white chocolate is actually not a chocolate? Well, it is classified into chocolate category because it uses EU 20 percent cocoa butter, 14% total milk solids, 55% sugar content, and 3.5% milk fat.
  3. Chocolates have been used as a weapon by thieves and politicians to carry out their atrocious tasks. There is a legend that once a jewel thief in Belgium was able to pull off $28 million worth of gems in 2007 because he won the trust of the bank’s guards by offering them chocolates.

Also, at once the Nazis were convicted of plotting the assassination of Winston Churchill with an exploding chocolate bar.

  1. Do you know that chocolate chip cookies were created accidentally? In 1930, Ruth Wakefield was out of her baker’s chocolate so she mixed some Nestle chocolate broken pieces into her cookie dough. She thought that the chocolate would absorb in the dough to make chocolate cookies but instead, she created chocolate chip cookies. She later sold her idea to Nestle demanding a lifetime supply of chocolate in return. Isn’t it cool?
  2. Chocolates can kill a human being if you eat them too much. The element Theobromine is a high-level powerful stimulant in chocolates that are poisonous to human bodies and can cause heart failure, acute kidney damage, seizures, and dehydration.
  3. According to an interesting study fact in 2013, the scent of chocolates in a bookstore made customers to buy cookbooks and romance novels 40% more, and 22% were more likely to buy books on another genre.
  4. The biggest chocolate seller in the world is not any of your favorite brands but surprisingly an airport. Yes, the vendors at Brussels airport sell around 800 tons of chocolate each year.
  5. The chocolate river in the famous fantasy movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was actually created with 15000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream.