Pros and cons of having hair extensions


For most of us, long and thick hair is the greatest fantasy. If we have long shiny tresses, we will think of it as an achievement. People find long hair hot, be it, men or women. Wavy hip-length hair is a very hard thing to gain. It takes too much of attention and care, but still, nothing can be guaranteed.  For all those people who do not have long hair, there is no need to be depressed. You can always add the hair extensions and pretend that they are actually your own hair. You get them such natural color and texture that you cannot tell your own hair from the fake ones.


There are many pros and cons of adding hair extension into your hair. Let us look into them one by one –

  • Extensions are not just used to add length to your hair. It is also used to add volume to a thinning hair. But, if you choose the wrong color or texture, you will end up looking all fake and ugly.
  • If you have very short hair and do not want to arrive at an event in that style, you can just add the extensions and magically get the hair like Rapunzel. But, sometimes when you have very short hair, the transformation may not really look natural and it will seem artificial.
  • The extensions can be altered according to your fancy and the hairstyle that you want to wear. They can be braided, curled or straightened. Braid hair extension is totally hot this season. But, the braids must be weaved carefully so that nothing shows that it is all false hair.
  • The extensions can be highlighted and colored too. But, choose the colors carefully. Heavy coloring can look disastrous if it is not in style. Do not go too wild with your selection of colors.
  • It is a painless process and very easy too. You can clip the extensions in a matter of minutes.
  • They are very comfortable and you will not feel a thing. Unless you choose a bad extension that is heavier than your original hair and it keeps pulling at your head. You will not be able to carry it well. Moreover, there is also a chance of these heavy strands damaging and breaking off your hair.
  • The whole intention of using extensions is to make your hair look voluminous. So, decide on what quality and make the hair is going to be. This alone can make or break your look. Always choose quality over price. After all, you are paying to look good and you better get your money’s worth.

Hair extensions are the latest beauty trends that are accepted all around the world. Women just love to flaunt their thick lustrous hair that can make the other women go jealous.  It does not quite matter that the hair is actually not hundred percent original. You can buy braid hair online too and add them to your hair to give it a volume.