How do you intend to cope up with unwanted touching of your belly?

How do you intend to cope up with unwanted touching of your belly?

It is on the anticipated lines that your body does go through a lot of changes. You can feel nausea or you may put on some weight at the same time. All these changes are pretty much on the expected lines. But there are some other changes which would be the last thing on your mind. People touching your pregnant belly is a wide spread phenomenon and it may seem that personal space has gone out of the window. The people close to you maybe your friends or relatives might think of rubbing your pregnant belly once you progress in pregnancy.

In fact you might not mind someone close to you like your mother touching your belly. Sometimes it could be your husband who will be touching your belly. Though all this would boil down to the fact on how you feel at that particular point of time as well. You could ask someone to touch your belly if they do ask you in a polite manner. But what might really annoy you is that utter strangers may walk up to you and touch your pregnant belly. It would give a message that the concept of personal space and manners have left this planet altogether. Now when they rub your belly, do they expect the baby to cope up like a genie from a bucket of smoke?

Now the question is would you walk up to a woman and dare touch her breast. You will never imagine it in your dreams. But sadly the concept of touching a pregnant belly happens to be widespread as well.  For a way the little ones do it and the elders are not far to be left behind. If you ask them anything the common answer would be that they would like to feel a miracle inside you.

But the real problem starts when a woman starts to complain. If you stand up to the question why do people touch pregnant bellies, then the general feeling is that you are hormonal or over sensitive. Do not commit this folly. After all it is your body and you have all the right to say no to someone if they do not wish it.

In case of some woman they have gone on to say that they have had luck in touching back. If someone puts a hand of the abdomen of a lady, then put a hand back on their abdomen and ask them on how it feels. In terms of print material there are lot of promotional materials available on the same as well.

There is no force in the world which can touch you if you do not want it that way. There is no need to yell or be rude at the same time. But you can always tell a person if it bothers you. It would be the same feeling if anyone goes on to lay a hand on you whether in the supermarket line or not.