Different Ways to Destress at Work

Two line shayari on zindagi

The excessive workload at the office leaves people extremely stressed and also depressed. It is essential to destress the mind and body prior to work or even at work to reduce chances of high blood pressure, stroke and other stress-related diseases. Here are a few fun ways in which you can de-stress during work hours

YouTube videos
If you want to destress at work, watching short YouTube videos during breaks can be a very relaxing distraction. You can also watch your favorite series in breaks to take your mind off things and help you focus better at work! Don’t make this an everyday habit though because it can be super addictive and for all you know, you could end up wasting hours at a stretch at work!

Funny poetry and memes
There are a lot of websites that have funny Shayari in Hindi and English which is hilarious and super fun to read as well. You could also share these with your colleagues or even your boss to cheer things up at the office! Two-line Shayari on Zindagi or breakups in funny metaphors can cheer you up as well. These funny poems, shayaris, and memes can definitely destress you and make you feel a little relaxed for your week ahead.

Relaxation music and videos
There are a lot of playlists that are specially curated to curb anxiety and destress your mind when you are working. You can play these tracks at work while you are working on your projects. You can find these on YouTube or SoundCloud as well. Try looking for meditative music as well which could help you focus better during work.

Tap a power nap!
That’s right! Take a power nap of 10-15 minutes every few hours at work to help your mind destress and calm down. This also helps to control anxiety attacks and help you relax your mind and body both. You can take a power nap right after lunch or right after the peak hour calls and emails during the day. Set alarms to wake yourself up so that you don’t end up oversleeping!

Take frequent walks
Take frequent walks between your work hours to relax your mind. This will help in getting some physical exercise for your body as well as to get some fresh air in your system. Apart from funny Shayari in Hindi, relaxation music and power naps, frequent walks are a very important thing to add to your every work schedule. A lot of people take frequent walks to relax their tensed shoulder muscles and their knees from sitting in the office chair all day.

Eat healthy snacks at work
Make your snack breaks more exciting and colorful by investing in good quality food items that nourish your body. Dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, fruits, vegetable chips and lactose-free almond milk, walnut milk, pistachio milk etc. help to boost the body’s immunity and improves the functioning of the body. Quick fast food which is nutrient deficient can leave you feeling more stressed than ever!