The issues of heartburn medication during the course of pregnancy

The issues of heartburn medication during the course of pregnancy

In case if you plan to take any over the counter medicines as far as heart burn is concerned. The chances of side effects are on the rise. You do feel a burning or throat when acid flows down your stomach. Do not fall in the false notion of that you would need to live with it. In fact it works out to be perfectly curable on all counts. It is pretty much like neurological disorders after pregnancy.Gone on to discuss the list of medications with your doctor. Then find out of them which is responsible to cause heart burn. Now let us explore the main reasons for the occurrence of heart burn in the first place

  • Do not commit the mistake of stopping any medication without getting in touch with your doctor.
  • Check the label before you take the medication. Only consume what you require in the first place
  • Do equal weight on how and when you consume the drug. In case of some medicines if they are consumed right after a meal it does go on to cause heartburn. Whereas in case of some others it can be taken on an empty stomach. If you are not sure you would need to ask your doctor of when to take the medications.
  • Do ask your doctor to check or review everything that you are consuming. Not only the prescription works out to be important, but convey to them the minerals, vitamins along with over the counter products which are using. The health professional can change heart medication during pregnancy. In some cases they can reduce or enhance your dose as well.
  • Do ask them the way by which you can change the medication. Let us explain things with the help of an example. If you opt NSAID in case of arthritis then it is possible that you need to switch from a pill to a cream. It would more likely cause a heart burn as well.
  • Do not lie on the bed straight after consumption of medications. In order to stop heart burn you should go on to take sleep aids.
  • Opt for tea or ginger at the most. If you feel the symptoms tend to get worse at night have a cup of ginger tea
  • You would need to discuss with your doctor about the over counter medicines like antacids. It needs to be kept in mind that there are some drugs which interfere with other medicines. It would be better to stick to what your doctor recommends in the first place. You need to take into view point that anti acids should not be used till your doctor has given their thumbs up for it. The point to consider here is that some of the drugs could go on to interfere with other medicines as well.
  • Do discuss with your doctor about consumption of heartburn medicines. Do keep in mind that things are not a quick fix. It does take some time for the results to come in .