Hyderabad Gagrape-Four Accused Were Killed By the Police in an Encounter


Yes, the police have killed the four accused in the Hyderabad gang rape in an encounter.This encounter happened near National Highway-44 at 3:00 AM. Let me tell you that on the intervening night of 27-28 November. A incident of cruelty was carried out with a female doctor in Hyderabad. The police have piled the four accused.

The accused were in police custody

The accused were in police custody. The police arrested four accused in this case. From where he was sent to 14 days judicial custody. After which the Hyderabad police demanded custody, the accused were sent to the police custody for 7 days. The police had taken the accused to get the scene recanted. During this, all four accused were killed in a police encounter.

The people had done havoc with the female doctor

The scooter puncture of the female doctor was punctured. While she was parking Scooty, only then did the four poor people commit the act of cruelty. After this, the four accused raped the doctor and strangled him to death. After this, the dead body of the rape victim was burnt, after the incident of rape and murder in Hyderabad, while there is anger in the whole country, there is an echo of this matter in Parliament.

The victim’s father demanded immediate punishment

The woman doctor’s father had said that the culprits should be punished as soon as possible. Many laws have been made but they are not being followed. He has demanded that the culprits should be punished as soon as possible, citing that the culprits of the Nirbhaya case have not been hanged.The victim’s father had said that the age of the perpetrators is very young, But he has done a great job. They are criminals and should be punished as soon as possible.The victim’s mother says that criminals should be burnt in the same way as the daughter was burnt.