Getting good marks in mathematics in class 7


Mathematics is the subject which can help to get into various career paths. This is considered to be the most difficult subject among the school going students. Children go to tuitions in order to learn the subject but this requires practice the main thing students hesitate from. Maths worksheets cbse class 7 requires proper tricks and fundamental knowledge in order to attempt it and solve the questions in the exams. The various chapters have been discussed as follows which are there in the class 7th syllabus:

  • Integers: the chapter deals with various concepts like addition and subtraction of integers and various properties associated with them. There are a number of properties involved in multiplications and divisions of integers.
  • Fractions and decimals: this is the comprehensive version of the concepts learnt in previous classes. This involves basic concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the fractions. Even such operations of multiplications and division are applied to decimals which involve real life applications as well.
  • Data handling:  this chapter is again a comprehensive version of the chapter studied in previous class. This involves arranging and handling the data in a better way. Various pie diagrams and bar charts are made in this chapter. Range, mean, median and mode form the basis of this chapter. Even probability to some extent is also involved in this chapter.
  • Simple equations: this chapter is the best chapter in the whole syllabus and involves various mind reading games for children. Knowing the basic concepts of what an equation is and how the equation is solved is the matters to be dealt in this chapter. Coming to solution from equation is the key element in this chapter.
  • Lines and angles: various measures and types of angles are studies in this chapter. Vertically opposite and adjacent angles are some of the main concepts of this chapter. Various kinds of lines like parallel lines, intersecting and transversal are also studied in this chapter.
  • Triangles and their properties: this is another good chapter in the syllabus and has a lot of relevance in the world of maths. Concepts like median and altitudes of the triangle are studied here. Angle sum property and exterior angle property are also studied here in this chapter. Various types of triangles are also highlighted in the chapter.
  • Congruence of triangles: the chapter begins with basic concepts like what is congruence of triangles. Then congruence of various shapes is studied in this chapter. There are various criteria of congruence and all of them have their own special relevance.
  • Comparing quantities: this chapter involves ratios and comparing the various quantities given in the problems. There may be concepts of converting the number into percentages and interpreting them. Also problems related to buying and selling are studied here. Problems of money given on simple interest are also studied here in this chapter.
  • Rational numbers: applying various operations on rational numbers and even plotting them on the number line is the core of this chapter. Comparisons of various numbers are to be made in this chapter.

Math worksheets for grade 7 cbse is also available online and even can be practiced on own from the books but the main key to good marks is the practice.