How to Write a Successful Council Tender


Winning council tenders is a good way of building your business by securing steady contracts for the provision of goods or services. Contracts of significant value, usually over $250, 000 must be appointed via a competitive tender process. This involves bidding against providers who are also tendering to provide the goods or services you are tendering to supply.

If you are interested in winning council tenders to will need an experienced Tender Writer and must provide them with the information they need to write a competitive response for your company. This involves working in partnership with your Tender Writer to fill out the corporate information, address the response criteria and add weight to the demonstrated experience section of your council tender.

Local councils have budgets and for this reason, council tenders can be very price driven. It is not necessarily the cheapest price that wins the tender, but usually the bidder who offers the best value for money is successful. When writing a council tender, it is the role of the Tender Writer to convince the evaluators that their company is offering the best value for money, and the value proposition should be explained in line with the pricing schedule.

The majority of council services are awarded via tender, so writing successful council tenders is an excellent way of building your business. Winning a council contract can be an asset to your business because it means your company is guaranteed to receive a certain amount of income on a regular basis. This is of great value because it enables you to purchase equipment, recruit staff and generally plan your business around the contracts you are servicing.

To write a successful council tender you will need to research the buyer’s requirements through careful study of the Request for Tender (RFT) and attending the briefing if one is held. A good understanding of the client’s objectives will be vital to writing a winning response, so it is worth putting a lot of effort into researching their needs and developing an appropriate solution when writing a council tender.

If you need to respond to a council tender, investing in a professional tender writer is a good investment. This takes the hassle out of completing your council tender and allows you to focus on your day to day job rather than completing the tender response. Tender Writers are also highly experienced with council tenders and will know what is expected, increasing your chances of being successful.

Council tenders can be very competitive and you are likely to be up against many companies who have their own professional Tender Writers and are highly experienced at writing tender responses. This makes you less likely to be successful, and there are no prizes for second – either you win the contract or you don’t. This means you have to get it right the first time and make sure you win the bid.

Tenders A to Z has won many council tenders and has assisted our clients to grow their businesses through winning steady contracts and the associated revenue. For more information regarding our council tender writing services or to request a quote, visit today.