Salesforce Marketing Through the Eyes of Flosum


Salesforce brings you the ultimate all-in-one customer marketing cloud. This one platform will help you complete the entire customer journey. Flosum provides the opportunity to access the full Salesforce cloud services through a 100% native app from the confines of your mobile device.

Every digital marketing platform has some marketing aspects. Flosum gives you the complete access to all Salesforce benefits and features.

Personalization of email marketing schemes

Integration of Salesforce and Flosum makes sure that you can change the features of your email-marketing plan as per your daily needs. You will have complete control of your CRM and other data to an increase in user engagement.

Mobile marketing service integration

No digital marketing campaign is now complete without SMS and mobile messaging campaigns. Your customers need a little push, and the new Flosum app will present you with an easy UI. You can use this user interface to create cross-channel marketing strategies for your niche.

Social ad experiences

The new visual interface makes it a walk in the park to set up and manage social media campaigns. Now you can use SalesforceDx to attain actual visual control of your campaigns. Enjoy excellent collaboration, monitoring and auditing monopoly over your existing ad campaigns.

Use “people data.”

You can monitor and use customer interaction data to compute and activate customer experiences from any node of your website. You can use it to create new content and push new products. The integration gives you complete control over your marketing campaigns.

A truly multi-channel journey

You can now create one-to-one customer journeys across mobile, social ads, email, and the web. This CRM connects experiences over marketing, service, sales and customer touch points.

Using an integrated service that takes a wholesome approach towards managing customer data and marketing plans gives your company a distinct advantage. You can align your marketing and sales campaigns to drive a higher ROI. If you are not sure how just watch a demo.

Why Flosum if Salesforce?

Flosum bridges the gap between Salesforce and Release Management. Most people, who are currently using Salesforce, are not satisfied with the tools and APIs. Flosum is nowhere to give you the ultimate Salesforce experience complete with all necessary tools and extensions. It is also important for you to learn how to use this, a Salesforce Admin Certification will help you learn more about salesforce.

Here are a few reasons you will love the new Flosum and SalesforceDx integration

  • It supports all kinds of marketing metadata.
  • It has a “no code” approach.
  • It tracks all changes in the organization website and CRM in a visual manner.
  • Flosum provides a flexible solution. You can apply Changesets between organizations.
  • It reduces deployment time for all dependent components.
  • It gives you a customizable, extensible and configurable solution.
  • It provides an excellent team collaboration platform.
  • Flosum gives you a complete and integrated version control system with team building/communication techniques.

Flosum uses the Salesforce platform to give the developers, coders, business analysts and release managers the comprehensive marketing and management experience. The new mobile app can manage and integrate all data points to create a unified CRM experience. It uses an industrial change management process and a modern cloud platform to deliver more business value to each developer.