How to Use Wool in Your Home?


We all love warm sweaters, but wool is not only used for making clothes. It can be a little helper in the home. Lustre Cleaning Service will share a few tips and tricks with you on how to use wool in your home.

Some tricks you may already know, and perhaps you have some of your own, especially if you love wool and knitting is your expertise. Here are some interesting ways that people can use wool in new ways.

In the garden

Wool can help to bring water to the plant when you know that you will not be home to water the plants. Place the container with water next to the flower pots, and cut off the bigger piece of a thick wool. Wet it well with water, and place one end in the water, while the other should be buried in the pot near the root. When it starts to dry, the “capillary” / roots will start to take water from the container through wet wool. Amazingly, it works.

In addition, wool is useful in the garden to mark the lines and fencing pieces you plan to cultivate. There are so many ways to use wool it the garden and make your work a lot easier.

In addition, in a similar way, you can create a straight row while planting in your garden. At one end of the place insert a piece of wood, tie the wool around it and tighten it, and then tie the other piece of wood on the other side using the same procedure. That way you will get a straight line and create a perfect row in your garden to plant flowers of veggies.

Also, you can cut a piece of tufted wool, wet it, and roll it in the seeds. They will stick and become entangled among the wool, so all you need to do is just bury the wool into the ground.

In the House

If you have that special silverware, you keep only for formal occasions then you certainly want it to be constantly clean and polished. Use wool. Create a soft ball of wool, and wipe the silverware. You will be amazed by the results. They will shine and look clean.

A dripping that is coming from a damaged tap can be very irritating. To prevent that sound from waking you up at night and during the day – use wool. Put a piece of wool on the place on the tap where dripping moves and tie it on the bottom of the sink or washbasin. The drops will be soaked into the wool and you will no longer have to hear that irritating sound. It can serve until you contact a plumber, right?

To mitigate the noise and to have peace in the house without slamming doors use wool. Tie a piece of wool to a door handle, and over the edge of the door and tighten the other side to the other handle. Wool will create enough friction to reduce noise.

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