How to Use A Nail Gun Nails – The Basic Guide for Beginners


Many households have at least one nail gun. Commonly called the nailer, a nail gun is a tool used to press nails into different types of surfaces. You can find tools that are specifically for wooden surfaces, concrete, and other surfaces.  Nail gun use certain power to operate, including pneumatic or compressed air, electromagnetic, flammable gases, explosive charge or powder-actuated devices. These tools are good substitutes for hammers. Nail gun nails are important part of these tools’ usage. The nails are available in different designs, sizes, and uses.

They are made of different materials such as metals. The type of nail you select depends mainly on the type of guns you have. Guns could handle a small gauge or a larger gauge nails. As a result, you have to examine your work very carefully. If you have difficult or heavy-duty tasks, you may want to buy a matching gun. A few guns are very versatile, such that you can use them to do framing, siding, finishing, struss work, and so on. Read the product features and description sections very closely. You will certainly find out the types of nails that the tool can handle.  

Different types of nails to drive into the surfaces using the nail gun are many. For instance, you can go for the four to ten diameter nail gun nails. These happen to be very small nails required for delicate jobs. For instance, they are perfect if you do not want the nails to show on a finished task. The twelve to sixteen diameter nails are longer and sturdier. You can use them together with framing or hardwood guns.  The other common types of nails are for roofing jobs. If you want to use a roofing coil gun to repair your house roof, you may need to buy only the most suitable nails.

Roofing nails are available in many gauges each with unique characteristics. You should be careful when choosing the correct nail gauge to buy.  Ensure that your nail gun can handle the nails.  The other common nail design is the hot dipped. These have molten zinc coating, making the nails extra strong. The other advantage they have is that the nails can resist moisture. As a result, they cannot rust during the winter or rainy seasons. You must make sure that the nails complement your nail gun. Electroplated nails have a zinc coating and are not very suitable for outdoor uses.

The aluminum nails are worse than electroplated are because they are very weak. You had better choose the blued nails if you lack the electroplated or hot dipped styles. The blued nails are for indoor uses only because they rust easily. If you have a problem finding any of the above-mentioned nails, why not try copper styles. They do not rust and are sturdier than aluminum nails. These are suitable for people who have some nail gun task on their boats. The other popular nail gun nails are those made of steel. These have many household uses because they have all the good characteristics of other nail types in them.