Amy Jackson keeping herself fit at home with 6-month-old son


Due to the corona virus, at present, more than half of the world has a situation like lockdown and all are in their homes.

In such a situation, American-Bollywood actress Amy Jackson has brought a special fitness routine for her fans.

Actress Amy Jackson has shared with her fans how they can stay fit without more things at home.

Amy shared a video in which she is giving tips on exercising with the help of toilet paper rolls.

Along with this, he also gave tips to exercise with the help of stairs.

Gym is closed due to lockdown, in such a situation, she is seen trying to keep herself fit with her 6-month-old son.

Also, Amy is seen inspiring her fans for this too.

Amy is often seen sharing videos and photos with fans, sometimes exercising with the help of other domestic things.

Let me tell you that Amy Jackson has a 6-month-old son. Which he gave birth before marriage.