How to optimise Global Talent Visa Fees?


Are you exceptionally talented? A leader in your field? Have your own start-up which is making waves? Then this is the best place for you to be. A global talent visa allows the proved and accepted talent to come and work in the UK. It provides a lot of lee-way to the people under this visa in comparison to other visas like tier 2 or tier 5. 

The fee for this visa is a little high. We do have some ways you can save some money in the fees for this particular visa. This definitely can happen, you don’t have to doubt it for a second but it may require some help from immigration solicitors. Sometimes it’s better to take help than spending twice the amount trying to do everything yourself. 

The Global Talent Visa fees just like it’s two steps come in two parts. One fee is that you pay to the Home Office with your first application to the Tech Nation or any other designated body depending on your field of study or work. 

Study because, under Global Talent Visa, there are a lot of researchers and academics that come and work in the UK as well. 

The second part of the fees is paid when you have received your endorsement letter from the designated body and you now have to apply for the visa and satisfy the eligibility criteria of entering the UK. 

The fee of the application and the subsequent charges keep changing. The last fee update was as follows: 

The general cost of the application is € 152 when you are applying for endorsement. The fee might differ depending on the country you are from. 

Also, the Global Talent Visa is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Exceptional Promise: This is for the individual who shows the promise of a great future with their skills. 
  2. Exceptional Talent: This is the general visa that we have been discussing above which is for the proven leaders in the field. 

The fees for both these visas are the same.  

One charge that is levied on all visa applicants is the Immigration Health Surcharge. This is also a yearly expense post approval of your application. The above-given fee of € 152 does not include this charge. This charge is also variable and keeps on changing according to the economic conditions. The Immigration Health Surcharge at the moment is € 642 per year. This is the biggest fee that is charged on this application. For those who may have a family and would be bringing them along these prices has to be paid per person. This is a huge cost for anyone. 

The best part about Global Talent Visa is that it allows you to bring your family. They can be covered under your Global Talent Visa itself. However, the cost of the Global Talent visa for every dependant would be €608 + immigration health surcharge will have to be paid separately. 

In case you don’t have too much money at the moment to apply for this then you don’t have to worry. There is another option, which does not include dependants where you can apply for a Global Talent Visa for only € 776 and stay in the UK for a year. 

Once this year is completed you can apply for an extension. By this time you would have worked and earned enough to afford the additional costs and can easily pay the charges for the Global Talent Visa. We know how many people do not fit well in the new environment and would prefer somewhat of a trial period. Well, this is it then