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How to Maintain a Bike to Get Good Mileage?


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When it comes to purchasing a bike, mileage plays a crucial role. Predicting fuel prices is definitely out of the bike owner’s hand. Bike owners must follow a few tips to maintain their bikes in good condition to get good mileage. Irrespective of whether you buy a new two-wheeler on loan or used bike, it’s essential to know how to maintain a bike to get the best mileage. Follow these tips to ensure the same.

Timely Service

If you have purchased a bike recently, then the bike manufacturer usually provides you with 3 or 4 free services. Once the free servicing period is over, you must make sure to get your bike frequently serviced (at least once every 500 km or once in 3 months, whichever is earlier). Try using high-grade engine oil, which is recommended by the bike manufacturer. This helps to maintain your bike run in a smooth condition and also to improve the mileage.

Avoid Heavy Gear Shifting

Try to avoid heavy gear shifting as it increases the load on the clutch and affects your bike’s mileage. Driving at low gears or shifting gears at a higher RPM can reduce the mileage and also damage your bike’s engine condition.

Ride at Constant Speed

Every best mileage bike in India has economy speed mentioned on the speedometer. The best way to maintain the mileage is to ride your bike at a higher gear if you are riding at a speed of above 60 KMPH.

Carburetor Plays a Major Role in Your Bike’s Mileage

You can always fine-tune your carburettor if the mileage seems to be too low. If your bike’s carburettor is covered with dirt or not functioning properly, the consumption of petrol becomes pretty high. So, check the condition of your bike’s carburettor regularly.

Tyre Pressure

Riding your bike with low tyre pressure puts more load on the engine. This, in turn, affects the mileage of your bike. Make sure to check the tyre pressure regularly to avoid mileage drop as well as tyre bursts.

Quality of Fuel

Quality of fuel also plays a major role in maintaining the mileage of your bike. Adulterated fuel can not only decrease the mileage of your bike but also damage the engine functioning. So, try checking the fuel quality at fuel stations and stick with one fuel station if required.

Parking Area

This is the most avoided aspect by bike owners. Parking your bike under sunlight for several hours can evaporate petrol, though this is minimal. So, try parking your bikes in areas where there is a sunshade to avoid even that minimal loss of petrol.

Sudden Acceleration and Braking

Sudden acceleration and braking can reduce fuel efficiency and also waste a lot of fuel. Riding your bike at low RPM level and constant speed can help to get good mileage. Most of the times, riding your bike between 50 and60 KMPH is considered optimal as it gives the best mileage figure.

Avoid Roads with High Traffic

High traffic roads will make you ride your bike at low speed and low gear. This will drop the mileage drastically, as the fuel consumption is very high in the low gears.

Turn off Engine near Traffic lights

When you are at a crowded traffic signal, try to turn off your bike, as the consumption of fuel is high when the engine is in idle condition. Switch off the engine if you expect the wait time to be more than 30 seconds.

Try following all the points mentioned above to keep your bike running in a smooth condition and also to attain an excellent mileage. Also, regular change of engine oil is very much crucial for the engine to function properly.


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