Lok Sabha Election 2024 Live Updates: Congress conspiring to eliminate Hindu faith in India, says  PM Modi

Lok sabha election 2024

Political rallies can sometimes be intense, and statements made during such events can be controversial. All political leaders need to promote unity and respect for all religions. Encouraging open discussions and focusing on the country’s development and progress can be an easy way to bring about positive change during the Lok Sabha Election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who returned to campaigning after a day’s break, hit out at the Congress while addressing a rally in Maharashtra, saying that the party was “conspiring to eliminate the Hindu faith in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ”Ye maha aghadi, aarakshan ke maha bakshan ka maha abhiyaan chala rahi hai’, whereas to protect the reservation of SC, ST and OBC, Modi ‘aarakshan ke maha raksan ka maha yagya kar raha hai’.. Political parties need to have open and transparent discussions about such matters. Encouraging dialogue and finding common ground can be an easy way to address these concerns and ensure the rights and representation of all communities.